Jack Quaid is a younger, clumsier Man of Steel in the My Adventures With Superman trailer

Jack Quaid is perhaps best known as a hater of superheroes on The Boys. Now, he's going to portray the biggest superhero of them all.

The new trailer for Adult Swim's upcoming animated series My Adventures With Superman finds Quaid lending his voice to the Man of Steel. Quaid's Clark Kent is joined by Alice Lee as Lois Lane and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen. The three are newcomers at The Daily Planet in the series, and Lois sees the newly-arrived Superman as their key to graduating to "real reporters."

So far, Lois has no idea that Superman himself works right beside her — though the fact that Clark's clumsiness inadvertently triggers his powers could very well tip her off.

"I can do this! I'm gonna hide my powers and be a normal man having a normal day, starting now," the hero says in the new trailer, right before accidentally ripping the handle off a door.

My Adventures With Superman was originally announced in 2021, alongside Batman: Caped Crusader. The latter show was canceled by HBO Max last year, but saved by Amazon. It will probably be a while before we see anything from it, but Quaid's Man of Steel will be soaring this summer.

My Adventures With Superman will premiere with back-to-back episodes at midnight on Adult Swim on Thursday, July 6, with new episodes following every Thursday after that and streaming the next day on Max. Check out the key art below and the trailer above.

Key art for 'My Adventures With Superman'
Key art for 'My Adventures With Superman'

MAX Key art for 'My Adventures With Superman'

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