Jack Sparrow Joins Disneyland Visitor as She Imitates Character's Distinctive Running Style

Captain Jack Sparrow decided to join in with a guest who was imitating the character’s unique running style at Disneyland Paris on May 14.

Video by TikTok comedian Stephanie Booty — who said she is “always looking for opportunities to make people smile” — shows her mimicking the beloved Pirates of the Caribbean character’s run, as she sets out to “find him” while visiting the park.

She not only finds him, but gets him to run along with her, resulting in some pretty hilarious footage.

“I am always keeping up to date on current trends on TikTok, and the Jack Sparrow trend is a popular trend,” Booty told Storyful. “So I thought it would be perfect timing to whip out my best Jack Sparrow run.”

“Apart from nearly crashing into the couple of people at the start of the video, I ran through the park and was lucky enough to come across the man himself,” she said.

Booty added that the character was “amazing to meet in person” and said that they had “a great time running through the park.” Credit: Stephanie Booty via Storyful

Video transcript


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