Jack Whitehall reveals where you should NEVER ask him for a joke: 'It makes me nervous'

Emma Powell

Jack Whitehall has said he feels more comfortable on stage than in most real life situations.

The 30-year-old comedian described himself as “awkward socially,” and said despite appreciating meetings with fans, there is nothing more nerve-wracking than being approached for a joke at a urinal.

Asked if he suffers from nerves, he told A List: “In life all the time. On stage not so much. It’s the rest of my life that’s a problem. I’d be more nervous at a urinal stall than I would be on stage - especially if someone asks me to do jokes there. Genuinely they do. Don’t come and tell me a joke when I’m having a pee.”

He continued: “Sometimes someone will come up and go ‘do you know who you look like?’ I go ‘who?’ and they go ‘you look like a fat Jack Whitehall’. True story. Why would you say that even if it wasn’t me? That’s insulting.”

Stand up: Comedian Jack Whitehall at The Wigmore (Dave Benett)

Whitehall has previously faced criticism for offensive gags including one about the Queen in 2012, which he later deemed “crass” and admitted to regretting. Sylvester Stallone also took offence to Whitehall joking about consoling him on missing out on an Oscar for Creed 2, and most recently Piers Morgan accused him of “fat shaming”.

Whitehall said he is conscious of how easy it can be to offend in a PC culture, especially on social media, but said he struggles with his own filter.

“I think I do think about what I’m going to say and I don’t want to offend,” he said. “But my filter isn’t great so I think I’ve got everything offensive out, but actually I haven’t.”

Whitehall was speaking at a surprise stand-up gig at London pub The Wigmore to launch the new Grey Goose brand platform ‘Live Victoriously’, which also saw him jump behind the bar to serve cocktails.

He said: “Grey Goose thought ‘who do we need as the face of living victoriously?’ and obviously I was the first person to come to mind because I will celebrate anything. Literally anything.”