Jacqueline Jossa says she was body-shamed when she was a size 8

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Jacqueline Jossa has opened up about being body-shamed. (SOPA)
Jacqueline Jossa has opened up about being body-shamed. (SOPA)

Jacqueline Jossa has revealed she was body-shamed when she was a size 8.

The actor - who has become something of an advocate for body positivity – was thrust into the spotlight at 17 when she took over from Madeline Duggan as the character Lauren Branning in EastEnders.

Jossa told The Sun she came in for criticism when a picture of her was released before her Albert Square debut – and that reading what members of the public had to say about her appearance made her feel like she was "so fat".

"I was a size 8 and honestly thought I was so fat, because of the response of people on one picture, I hadn’t even made it onto telly yet," she said.

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Jossa, 28, said it was particularly tough because it happened when she was at an age where she felt vulnerable.

The actor spoke out about trolling earlier this year, saying she gets "vile" messages every single day on social media.

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However, Jossa, who has two young daughters with her husband Dan Osborne, told The Sun that she no longer cares what other people have to say about her appearance.

Being free of it all is like a weight being lifted, she said.

"You feel ‘I don’t need to be a size 8’," said the star. "I can be happy with how I look. Ultimately when I’m naked and in sexy underwear, I feel a 10/10."

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