James Corden and Ariana Grande's end of lockdown skit blasted as 'out of touch'

Screengrab of James Corden and Ariana Grande in 'The Late Late Show' skit. (CBS)
Screengrab of James Corden and Ariana Grande in 'The Late Late Show' skit. (CBS)

James Corden and Ariana Grande have been blasted by fans who say their end of lockdown performance on The Late Late Show was “tone deaf” and “out of touch”.

The presenter and the pop star teamed up on Corden’s US talk show to mark the loosening of COVID pandemic restrictions in America.

They sang a song called ‘No Lockdowns Anymore’, which was set to the tune of ‘Good Morning Baltimore’ from the show Hairspray and included puns about Zoom, finally getting haircuts, ditching sweatpants and a shout out to America's chief medical adviser Dr Anthony Fauci.

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But some fans thought it missed the mark, saying that “privileged” celebrities could not really relate to what living in lockdown was like for everyone else.

“There’s something a little tone def about two people who arguably had the best possible version of lockdown talking about how great it is for things to be normal again,” one person posted on Twitter.

“It's truly disturbing how disconnected from the real world you people are, but sure, let's all be *joyous*,” said another.

One tweeted that the skit “bleeds privilege”.

“Some of us essential workers still had to go to work, but poor you having to work from home and not risking getting the virus,” they added.

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James Corden hosts 'The Late Late Show'. (WSJ Magazine Awards via Sipa USA)

“This is soooooooooo misguided and out of touch,” said another viewer.

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However, there were others who thought that the mini musical was just light-hearted entertainment.

“Your celebration musical is so great,” gushed one.

“KUDOS! Celebrate. Celebrating - Looking forward, Living in the Now. Not forgetting the past.”

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