James Martin says one guest will 'never return' to Saturday Morning ever again

James joked that Glynn isn't allowed back on the show

James Martin has declared that a certain guest is now persona non grata on his ITV show Saturday Morning. The celebrity chef, who helms the popular cookery programme, often welcomes fellow culinary experts and famous guests to join him.

However, following a recent episode riddled with mishaps, it appears one individual may not be invited back, reports the Mirror.

During the episode aired on Saturday 27 April, James was joined by chefs Kenny Atkinson, Asma Khan, and Glynn Purnell, as well as Loose Women star Linda Robson, who was there to sample the delectable offerings. But Glynn Purnell, affectionately dubbed the Yummy Brummie, might find himself off the guest list after a series of on-air gaffes while preparing a surf and turf dish featuring mussels and short rib beef.

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In the midst of cooking the enticing meal, both he and James were baffled by the disappearance of their tasting spoons. It soon became apparent that one spoon had inadvertently plunged into the sauce Glynn was concocting.

"I've lost a spoon in there chef but I'm sure we'll dig it out eventually," he remarked, only to later realise another spoon had suffered the same fate. "That one's gone in there again chef, want to grab that one out for me," he said. James and Glynn couldn't contain their laughter before James quipped that he wouldn't be inviting Glynn back on the show. James remarked: "This is Glynn Purnell - this is the first and the last time you'll see him."

Despite the jest, it was clear James wasn't serious as they quickly resumed cooking, with James praising Glynn's dish as delicious. Fans echoed their enjoyment on social media.

One viewer posted: "Don't normally watch morning cookery shows but was drooling over the ribs with mussels @JamesMartin Saturday Kitchen served up by GlynnPurnell today! " Another added: "Enjoyed watching @yummy_brummie on James Martin's Saturday Morning @jamesmartinchef The two of you were hilarious and informative in equal measure."

Meanwhile, James has shared a health update following his cancer diagnosis on his face last year. On Lorraine, when asked about his wellbeing, he responded: "Yes, the stitches have fallen out, as you know, the last time you were on, I was in the middle of operations. As we speak, the stitches have fallen out of my body at the moment and that's all clear, onwards and upwards! " to which Lorraine replied: "I'm really pleased, it's great great news! ".