Jamie Oliver fans joke he’s guilty of cooking ‘crime’ over cheesecake

Viewers were concerned about one ingredient that was missing from the chef's dessert

Dish - Kerala-style Roast.Chicken. Pictured: Jamie Oliver stood behind the counter with roast chicken, poppadoms and other plates of food surrounding the platter.
Jamie Oliver has a new show about cooking in an air fryer. (Channel 4)

What did you miss?

Jamie Oliver sparked debate as he whipped up a baseless cheesecake on his air fryer show.

Channel 4 series Jamie's Air Fryer Meals shows the celebrity chef demonstrating what can be done with the popular kitchen gadget. And Monday’s episode (April 22) saw him serving up a tasty-looking cheesecake.

However, some viewers were just distracted by the fact that it didn’t have a biscuit base and took to X, formerly Twitter, to question it.

What, how, and why?

In the show, Oliver started off with savory meals like chicken in a bag and chicken and mushroom pastry parcels. He also made some fish and some flatbreads.

The star finished up with a fluffy-looking cheesecake, telling viewers that it was a pretty quick recipe to do.

Jamie Oliver's cheesecake was a talking point. (Channel 4)
Jamie Oliver's cheesecake was a talking point. (Channel 4 screengrab)

The cake included vanilla and chocolate and was served up with a bowl of raspberries, and the TV star declared himself thrilled with the results.

But many people tuning in could not get past the fact that the cake had no real bottom.

What did viewers say?

One person posted a string of crying emojis on X as they said: “Totally not on board with a baseless cheesecake.”

Another viewer quipped: “@jamieoliver, a cheesecake with no biscuit base. I think you need to go to the nearest police station and confess this crime. The biscuit base is the best part and the essence of the top tier cheesecake.”

The chef's dessert sparked some debate. (Channel 4 screengrab)
The chef's dessert sparked some debate. (Channel 4 screengrab)

“Burnt the cheese cake!” said someone else. Another person posted: “I feel like I need to teach Jamie Oliver my pumpkin cheesecake recipe, the air fryer cheesecake looked good… But I live literally five miles from him and pumpkin cheesecake is elite!!”

However, others thought the chef’s recipe was a goodie. “It’s quite the thing at the moment - and insanely delicious,” said one fan. Another agreed: “Quite a few styles of cheesecake don’t have a base. They’re delicious.”

“Will have to give this a bash,” said another viewer, as someone else wrote that the chef had converted them to the popular appliance with his dishes.

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