Jamie Oliver scolded by his mum after sharing snap of baby River Rocket lying on the 'hard floor'

He may be a grown man with children of his own – but that doesn’t mean Jamie Oliver is immune from a telling-off from his mum.

The celebrity chef faced her wrath on Thursday after he shared a sweet image of his smiling eight-month-old son, River Rocket, on Instagram.

The baby is lying on his back on a tiled floor, beaming a smile up at his dad.

Jamie Oliver got a scolding from his mum over son, River Rocket (Photo:Rex)

Jamie shared the image with his fans, captioning it: ‘Morning little boy…..always good to get a nice smile’.

While many commented on how adorable his newborn looked, the snap didn’t go down well with River’s grandmother, Sally.

She commented on the post: ‘This adorable child! He looks so like you as a baby! But please get him off that hard floor now.’

Her comment sparked a debate amongst Jamie’s followers, with many praising her for pointing out the hazard to her son.

One fan said: ‘So glad you said that!!! Poor little mite!!! Come on Jamie!!! Pick him up.’

Another added: ‘I’m with your mum @sally_oliver , please get your baby off the bricks/tiles’.

While another said: ‘Haha…I love that your mom busted you!!! Go Granny!!!’

However, when one man stepped in to defend the celebrity chef, his mother replied: ‘You’re quite right, the floor is very clean and River is very well cared for, I was only teasing Jamie.’

Jamie and wife Jools are also parents to four more children, Poppy, 15, Daisy, 14, Petal, eight and Buddy, six.

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