January Jones got baby pink highlights and now we want baby pink highlights

Laura Capon
Photo credit: Instagram/januaryjones

From Cosmopolitan

If you thought pink hair was just for Lady Gaga and Stormi Webster's favourite troll - Poppy - think again.

Actress, January Jones took to Instagram to debut her latest hair transformation and to paraphrase the best film of all time: I saw January Jones with blonde hair and baby pink highlights, so I want blonde hair and baby pink highlights.

However, the best thing about her colour refresh is the fact she did it completely by herself.

It's been a while since I've experimented with a hair colour that God hasn't naturally given me/can't be found after half an hour under a heat lamp with some peroxide and foil. But just when I thought my Schwarzkopf Live days were behind me, January has reignited my passion.

To contrast her icy blonde bob, the Mad Men actress added streaks of soft baby pink highlights, which not only make my heart ache for the '90s, but are also so expertly blended, I genuinely think January might have fallen into the wrong profession.

If that wasn't enough, January also got a new, super-blunt bob cut to showcase her pink-lights and can I just be her already?

If you're feeling bold and want to try it yourself, Schwarzkopf Live's Colour Lightener and Twists offer a permanent option in a cool 'Rosé' shade.

But, if you're anything like me, you might wanna leave it to the experts... or give January a call.

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