Japanese dance group Cyberagent Legit steal the show as Simon slaps BGT golden buzzer

Cyberagent Legit stole the show
Cyberagent Legit stole the show -Credit:ITV (Screengrab)

A Japanese dance team enjoying their first trip to London stole the show in this evening's instalment of Britain's Got Talent - with usually strict judge Simon Cowell awarding the group an instant spot in the semi finals through a coveted golden buzzer.

Cyberagent Legit took to the stage donning exciting self-made red and silver outfits as they set up for their BGT audition, confessing that they came to the show because they 'love' Cowell. They added that they make their own music together, before Cowell responded: "Fantastic, well I'm so happy you're here," and left them to set up to start.

An exciting performance ensued, filled with robotic dancing, amazing acrobatics and bamboozling breakdancing which left the crowd and judging panel in a standing ovation. Almost speechless, Cowell said: "Amazing. That was fantastic. That was my favourite act of the day actually - really, really, really good. Wow."

The crowd began chanting and signalling for the judge to press the golden buzzer, while Bruno Tonioli yelled: "Oh my gosh...well done! The synchronicity"

Before he could finish, Simon leapt towards the buzzer, slamming down on it leading to an eruption of cheers from the crowd and performers on stage as golden confetti rained down. Speaking to the group on stage, Simon added: "The energy from the audience...it was just fantastic. I'm so happy for you."

As the atmosphere settled, Alesha Dixon said: "I don't think we've ever had a dance act on this show that makes their own music as well - so you are incredible." Amanda Holden added: "I'm going to question whether they are human. Welcome to our planet."

And viewers were quick to social media to praise the group for their efforts.

One fan wrote: "KNEW THAT WHEN THEY STARTED PLAYING GOLDEN HOUR THEY WERE GONNA HIT THE BUZZER AAAAA CONGRATS WELL DESERVED," while another, added: "They were pretty good. Can't lie." A third went on: "THEY GOT SIMON'S GOLDEN BUZZER!!!" while another penned: "Golden Buzzer worthy."

It's the third golden buzzer of the series after Amanda Holden and Ant and Dec respectively sent through Syndie Christmas and Ssaulabi in the very first episode.