Britain's Got Talent's Bobby Goldfinn issues bizarre statement after 'real identity' claims

Britain's Got Talent's Bobby Goldfinn
Britain's Got Talent's Bobby Goldfinn -Credit:ITV

Bobby Goldfinn has issued a bizarre statement in response to his appearance on Britain's Got Talent and speculation over his 'real identity,' admitting to viewers that he hasn't been 'entirely honest' with them.

Appearing on last Saturday night's episode of the ITV show, as it returned for a brand new series, Bobby's journey on Britain's Got Talent got off to the worst possible start when he failed to get his first joke to land and got four red crosses from the judges. However, seemingly undeterred by that early setback, Bobby then appeared on stage for a second time, using the 'excuse' that he 'couldn't remember' he'd been voted off, due to goldfish's short memories.

Given that the person inside the costume had their face hidden by a fish mask, it didn't take long for fans to start trying to guess who it was, with the most obvious candidate being an amateur comedian from Massachusetts called Bobby Finn, who has 335K followers on Instagram and 649.1K on TikTok.

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Another contender to be the star in the fish disguise is last year's BGT champion Viggo Venn, with some viewers adamant that it was the eccentric and off the wall comic trying to get one over on the judges.

Well, while still not coming clean on who he really is, Bobby has broken his silence on the claims surrounding him. Speaking in a statement released on Saturday morning, he said: "I’m sorry Britain, I have not been entirely honest with you. I have watched the Britain’s Got Talent footage, where I claim to be the only goldfish on the UK comedy circuit. In fact I am half-fish, half-man. This may come as a shock to some people, for which I am sorry, but I feel I have to let you know myself before a backlash starts."

He added: "My father was a goldfish, my mother a human - I think it was that way round - and I hope that in this day and age we are able to accept and welcome a mixed-species entertainer."