Jasmine Jobson responds to Top Boy spin-off

jasmine jobson as jaq, top boy season 4
Jasmine Jobson responds to Top Boy spin-offChris Harris/Netflix

Top Boy star Jasmine Jobson has responded to the potential spin-off series focused on her character Jaq Lawrence.

The actor seemingly bid farewell to Jaq following the hit Netflix crime drama's season five finale last year, though the show's creator Ronan Bennett has since confirmed he's in talks with Netflix over a potential spin-off, which he said "will be around Jaq" if it's given the green light.

Addressing Bennett’s plans following her win for Best Supporting Actress at tonight’s (May 12) BAFTA Television Awards, Jobson revealed that Netflix is yet to approach her about a spin-off, though she’s "down" if the streamer is too.

jasmine jobson as jaq, top boy season 5

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"Netflix haven't come to me. All I will say is, if Netflix are on it, I'm definitely down," she told Digital Spy and other press. "I was struggling to let go of Jaq, so if they want to bring it back, let's do it. But it's out of my hands."

Elsewhere, Jobson discussed how she prepared for the role of Jaq, revealing that she had spoken to some of her LGBTQ+ friends in order to "figure out the ins and outs" of portraying the character authentically.

"Sometimes I could ask wrong questions and, you know, it's all just a learning curve," she explained.

"So that's where I really went from there. And I just want to say that I'm very, very grateful for my friends because they've been a massive pinnacle in me creating this character."

jasmine jobson as jaq top boy season 4

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On the response she's received from the LGBTQ+ community since Jaq made her way onto our screens in 2019, Jobson continued: "The love is so, so real.

"I've spoken to a few people that have called me and they've said that, with the character that I've had in Top Boy, it's made them feel a little bit stronger in owning themselves, and I'm very happy that I've been able to be that person to make you feel like, 'I'ma own it'.

"We all need to have more confidence in ourselves and I was raised to force confidence into myself. So I would love to be able to help infiltrate confidence into everybody no matter what character I play."

All episodes of Top Boy are available to stream on Netflix.

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