Jason Manford jokes he's 'fuming' as he shows fans his ploughman's lunch

Jason Manford on BBC's Saturday Kitchen
Jason Manford on BBC's Saturday Kitchen -Credit:Jason Manford Twitter

Jason Manford jokingly said he was 'fuming' after he headed for lunch down South and had to 'chop up his own apple'. The comedian started his weekend on Saturday (May 11) with an appearance on Saturday Kitchen.

But he ended up being on the receiving end of apologies from viewers of the BBC One show as they voted on whether he should get his food heaven or hell - a segment in which they get to decide if he eats something he loves or loathes.

When he was asked which dishes he loved and hated by host Matt Tebbutt, Jason replied: "Food heaven - I love a pudding. I mean surprise," he joked. "I love a classic British pudding anytime I see that on the menu. And I just remember having bread and butter pudding a lot when we were growing up."

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For his food hell, he selected a meat-based dish. "Pork. I'm not a fan of pork. Especially a chop. And the worst vegetable in the world, cauliflower. Can't abide it."

Matt then informed him the dishes he'd come up with. For heaven there was a banana bread and butter pudding with vanilla, rum and ginger caramel cream on offer. However, if viewers voted hell he would be eating all his least favourites with a pork chop with roasted cauliflower and white beans being served up.

Jason ended up taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, during the show as he said: "I’m gonna end up with food hell aren’t I #Saturdaykitchen who doesn’t wanna see a delicious food heaven tho!" But many of his fans felt the need to apologise as they much preferred his hell dish and they shared their thoughts on social media.

Unsurprisingly, the new Waterloo Road star ended up with his food hell. Tasting it, he visibly gagged and was forced to put a napkin over his mouth as the other guests giggled at his reaction.

But it appears Jason's 'food hell' continued as he later shared a picture of his lunch with his social media followers. On a wooden board sat pieces of toasted baguette alongside ham, eggs, cheese, a full apple and a bowl of salad.

Explaining, the Salford-born star typed: "Just had this Ploughman’s lunch down here in Kent. £16! I can only imagine actual ploughmen spent their whole day a) starving and b) broke! And I had to chop my own apple haha! Fuming!"

And it appears to post caused quite the response. One sarcastically replied: "Does your PA normally chop your apples up for you, comrade? Bless," to which Jason said back: "Apple usually comes sliced on a Ploughman’s." Another commented: "I’d say that quite reasonable tbh," as Jason clapped back: "Ya reckon! Fair enough money bags."

Meanwhile, another asked while referring to his earlier TV appearance, Jason said: "How on earth can you eat a Ploughman’s after all that food earlier?" to which the star laughed: "Ya get a bloody mouthful."