Jay Slater family sent message of 'hope' from mum of missing Claudia Lawrence

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The mum of missing Claudia Lawrence has sent a message of hope to the family of Jay Slater as the search for the missing teenager continues in Tenerife.

The 19-year-old, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, disappeared almost two weeks ago following an attempt to walk back to his accommodation after a festival. Jay had been to the NRG music festival with two friends before his disappearance and his last known location was the Rural de Teno Park in the north of the island – which was about an 11-hour walk from his accommodation.

He had reportedly been driven to an Airbnb property in Masca with two unknown men who have since been ruled out of the inquiry. On Saturday a new major search was launched with expert volunteers and fire crews scouring the rugged terrain.

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Jay's dad Warren also joined the search and Claudia's mum Joan - who has never given up the hope of finding her daughter since she vanished in 2009 aged 35 - has since sent the family a message. She said: "Never give up hope... I'm here if you need me.

"You can't imagine how it feels to have a missing child unless you've experienced it... One thing I've learned is people want someone to listen."

Claudia was 35 when she vanished without a trace after she failed to arrive for her job as a chef at the University of York, in March 2009. The search for Jay, who disappeared on 17 June, is continuing.

After Saturday's search the teen's dad expressed his dismay at the negative input from online commentators regarding the search for his youngest son. He shared: "It's a bit disappointing that there are no British apart from Paul [Arnott] but I suppose to them he's just a British lad who's come out here and got drunk," Warren said.

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Joan Lawrence and Claudia Lawrence

"I'm grateful to those who have come out here because you can see just how dangerous it is and what gets me is the trollers who are having a go at us for not searching. It's not the local park, these are big mountains, the terrain is dangerous, put yourself in our position. Would you go out in these conditions? ".

"It's tough, it's hard, we are leaving it to the professionals and I'm grateful for those who have turned out today and I want to thank them for what they are doing."

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Warren further added: "We just still can't believe it; it's been so tough on us, and I want people to think about us as parents and what we are going through. All those trollers having a go at us, they don't know how we feel, why don't they come up here and have a look and see for themselves how dangerous it is."

"I've come up here now myself because I wanted to have a look about with Zak and to thank those who are up here and have given their time. I just didn't think this would go on for so long, I dropped his mum and brother off at the airport and thought they would be back in a few days. I just thought he's gone out had a drink and ended up at some girl's place as we all did when we were younger, he's our youngest I just want him home."