What happens to money donated to Jay Slater's GoFundMe page?

Donations continue to pour in after Slater’s body was discovered in Tenerife on 15 July.

Jay Slater‘s body was discovered in Tenerife on Monday. (Facebook/Alamy)

The GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for the search for Jay Slater has reached nearly £60,000, two days after the British teenager's body was found in Tenerife.

Slater, 19, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, disappeared on 17 June after leaving the NRG music festival at the Papagayo nightclub in Tenerife, which he had attended with two friends. His body was discovered near the village of Masca on Monday, following a month-long search.

Slater’s family had used the money to hire specialist search teams but donations are continuing to pour in alongside messages of support for the grieving family.

The teenager’s mother, Debbie Duncan, previously said the money raised on the GoFundMe page would be used to fund the search and pay for the living costs of friends and family who had flew to Tenerife to help find her son.

The fundraiser was set up by Lucy Law, Slater’s friend and the last person to speak to him. GoFundMe told Yahoo News UK on Tuesday they would 'continue to work with Jay's family' regarding the funds.

Map showing where Jay Slater’s body was found in Tenerife. (PA)
Map showing where Jay Slater’s body was found in Tenerife. (PA)

Slater's devastated family are making plans to return his body to Britain and have begun to arrange his funeral, a charity boss close to the family has said.

Matt Searle, CEO of LBT Global, told the BBC on Tuesday: "Debbie broke down on the phone when she heard that news. When the confirmation came through all hope was gone. There's no looking back now, no 'Maybe it's the wrong person' or 'Maybe it's going to change', it's there in the cold light of day."

He added that the family are now planning the Slater's funeral and repatriation back to Britain, as Slater's mother Debbie Duncan 'will just fall apart' if she doesn't do something to keep busy.

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The Canary Islands High Court of Justice confirmed the identity Slater’s body with the use of fingerprint technology. A spokesman for the court said the post-mortem examination report determined that the injuries he sustained were consistent with an accidental fall.

In a statement issued through charity LBT Global, Ms Duncan said: “I just can’t believe it – we’re here with the embassy staff waiting for an update and now it’s come – the worst news. I just can’t believe this could happen to my beautiful boy. Our hearts are broken.”

The charity previously said the remains were found with the 19-year-old’s clothes and possessions near his last known location. The Spanish Civil Guard said Slater could have fallen in the steep and inaccessible area where he was discovered.

On its website, GoFundMe provides a set of verification guidelines for users' campaigns, asking them to say who they are, who they are raising the funds for, their relationship to the beneficiary, how the funds will be spent, and how the funds will be delivered to the beneficiary.

GoFundMe told Yahoo News in a statement: “We are in regular contact with Jay’s family and will work together with them in the coming weeks on the next steps around the funds donated.”

GoFundMe states that an "overwhelming majority of fundraisers on the site are safe and legitimate, as fraudulent fundraisers make up less than one-tenth of 1% of all fundraisers" on its platform.

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"In the rare instance that someone does create a misleading fundraiser with the intention of taking advantage of others’ generosity, GoFundMe takes swift action to resolve the issue," it says on its website.

It says it relies on its community of users to flag suspected fraudulent cases and urges them to contact them here. Police and other law enforcement officers can contact GoFundMe here.

As soon as fundraisers start receiving money on the site, they request a withdrawal at any time, which does not affect the metre displayed on the main page showing total progress.

Users can click "withdraw" while logged into their account and follow the instructions and send the money directly to their bank account, which should take 2-5 business days to arrive.

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