Jay Slater and all the known facts as Tenerife search enters 11th day

Spanish police have been looking for Jay for 11 days
-Credit: (Image: Stan Kujawa)

The search for the missing British teenager, Jay Slater, in Tenerife has now reached its eleventh day. Jay Slater went missing during his trip to Tenerife, where he attended the three-day NRG festival.

His last known movements were on June 17, when he was seen leaving an Airbnb accommodation in the mountainous Teno Rural Park region, northwest of the island. Jay had been staying there with two other British nationals he befriended at the festival who have since returned to the UK.

It emerged that Jay left the lodging on Monday morning, aiming to return to his hotel. Nevertheless, he missed his bus and, with his mobile phone battery down to one percent, managed to call his friend Lucy Law, alerting her to his situation by saying he had "no idea" where he was, indicating his thirst, and stating his intention to embark on an arduous 11-hour walk back.

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Police teams have intensively searched the location of his last known whereabouts but to no avail. In response to the escalating situation, Jays mother, Debbie Duncan, along with other relatives, has travelled to the Canary Islands to assist in the increasingly frantic efforts, which are now being aided by a well-known British detective as well as volunteer detectives, reports the Mirror.

Jay Slater
Jay Slater -Credit:https://www.lancs.live/news/lancashire-news/jay-slater-morning-presenter-ben-29388406

As interest in the case grows across the UK and Spanish authorities continue their exhaustive investigation, here is an in-depth look at the unfolding scenario.

Confirmed movements

Monday June 17, 1am: Jay was spotted looking rather worse for wear while enjoying the nightlife at Papagayo nightclub, which shuts its doors at 4am, on Veronica's strip in the bustling Las Americas area of Tenerife. Not long after he left, he was seen getting into a car with two older British men who took him to their secluded holiday flat in Masca, a distance of just over 20 miles.

7.30am: A Snapchat photo surfaces showing Jay with a cigarette in hand, standing on the steps outside the men's holiday let, Casa Abuela Tina.

8am: Witnesses describe Jay as "walking fast" uphill after departing from the residence, where he enquired with a local about when the next bus to Los Cristianos would be a journey that would take 11 hours on foot.

8.30am: He makes contact with his friend Lucy Mae Law, aged 18, via phone, informing her that he's stranded in a remote location, attempting to make his way back without any water and his phone battery at 1%.

8.50am: The last known activity from Jay's phone occurs, with it running out of charge and its final location being recorded near the Cruz de Hilda viewpoint in the Rural de Teno nature reserve.

Search and rescue team
Members of a search and rescue team search near the last known location of Jay Slater -Credit:PA

The search

At 9.04am on Monday July 17, Jay was reported missing, which led to the authorities initiating a mountain rescue mission, including helicopter support. The extensive search has been concentrated on three different ravines within an 18-mile radius, featuring the Masca gorge, and has seen a coordinated effort from multiple agencies, including police, fire services, and mountain rescue teams.

Drones, sniffer dogsincluding specialist canines flown in from Madrid, Jay's family and friends, local volunteers, holidaymakers from Britain, and TikTok detectives with no prior connection to Jay, have all joined forces in the extensive search effort. Jay Slater's disappearance prompted his mother Debbie Duncan, 55, to travel to Tenerife on Tuesday after being informed in the early hours by police at her Oswaldtwistle home.

Debbie is now on the island with Jay's father Warren, 58, brother Zak, 24, as well as other relatives and friends among them Rachel Hargreaves who is actively managing a Facebook page dedicated to finding Jay. The search team members are relentlessly canvassing the area, knocking on doors and distributing missing person posters to rally local support.

Efforts are bolstered by a successful GoFundMe campaign titled 'Get Jay Slater home', organised by close friend Lucy, which has already amassed £36,000 to cover expenses for accommodation and other necessities during the search. Former UK police detective Mark Williams-Thomas, 54, has also stepped in to offer his expertise, conducting an independent probe into Jay's vanishing.

While addressing the media on Wednesday he emphasised the family's strength, saying: "They are an incredibly united family. They are all very focused in terms of obviously finding Jay."

On the third day of their efforts, police officers shifted focus to Los Cristianos and Las Americas following a reported sighting of Jay exiting a cab in the vicinity. However, it turned out to be a false sighting.

Adding to earlier developments, Jay's family disclosed what could be an additional glimpse of him strolling alongside a Santiago del Teide house of worship, located a mere four miles downhill from his last confirmed spot in the hamlet of Masca. Recorded by a surveillance camera at 6pm on the previous Monday, the fuzzy snapshot surfaced 10 hours subsequent to the 19 year old's last verified appearance.

The family holds onto hope that the individual caught on the webcam bears a resemblance to Jay, especially due to the distinctive way he walks. Furthermore, Emilio Jose Navarro, mayor of Santiago del Teide, has echoed sentiments from numerous locals in the coastal enclave of Los Gigantes, who assert having sighted Jay reveling at a tavern during Euro football festivities.

Navarro reports: "Police have interviewed people who could have seen him. Some think they saw him celebrating in a bar during the Euro matches. Police are studying CCTV images." Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.

The wild theories

Wild speculations and bizarre theories have swirled around Jay's disappearance, with suggestions ranging from a kidnapping, attacks by wildlife, being smuggled to Morocco, or even concocting his own disappearance due to alleged financial troubles. Some outlandish claims include that the whole situation was orchestrated to swindle money from the public and an unverified assertion that his mother Debbie is related to Karen Matthews, who became infamously known in 2008 for her part in staging her own daughter Shannons abduction.

Eccentric conspiracy theorist David Icke has even suggested, without basis, that Jay's acquaintance Lucy Mae Law, whom he contacted shortly before his disappearance, "doesn't exist". Despite the rumours, Debbie is convinced that her son has been abducted.

She was shaken by a chilling message on Snapchat which read: "Kiss goodbye to your boy, you're never going to see him again, he owes me a lot of money." For the latest analysis of the biggest stories, sign up to the Wales Matters newsletter here.