Jay Slater missing in Tenerife: Investigator urges two men who teen stayed with in Airbnb to come forward

The detective held a press conference
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A former detective has said he will track down the two mystery men who missing teenager Jay Slater stayed with the night before he vanished, as he reveals two key details in the case.

Jay, a 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, disappeared without a trace in the rugged mountains of northern Tenerife on Monday, June 17, after attending a music festival.

Before vanishing, Jay called his friend Lucy Mae at 8.30am claiming he was 'lost in the mountains'. Since his disappearance, the rescue effort to bring Jay home has seen members of the Civil Guard, fire crews and mountain rescue teams deployed to the vast and 'treacherous' Rural de Teno Park, whilst Jay's friends and family have also travelled to the island to assist the search, reports Manchester Evening News.

Meanwhile, Jay's mum Debbie Duncan revealed she had “barely slept” and is “at her wit's end with worry”. Speaking to media, the former detective turned TV sleuth Mark Williams-Thomas said he aims to track down the two British men that Jay is said to have stayed within the Airbnb rental, in rural Masca, if they do not come forward.

He added he has since learned the name of one of the individuals and has a photograph of the other unknown man. Both were described as being between 30 to 40 years old.

A view of the Airbnb Casa Abuela Tina rental in Masca

"I have to date been able to speak to a large number of witnesses who were with him or came across him There are a number of those that are probably not entirely truthful, and I intend to follow up with those people further," he said.

"There are two key people that we have not yet spoken to, and these are the two men that took Jay back to that holiday rental in the hills. Those two men have spoken to the police - but are now back in England.

"I urge those two people to come forward. I need to speak to those people, they have crucial information. There will be you, as well as many other people who are asking very pertinent questions in relation to why they were here, what they were doing and why they took Jay back to that holiday rental.

"What we don't know is why, if they were partying here, they went to a holiday rental around an hour away in a really remote location. I don't know the answer to that, but my focus on that is to find those people. I am giving them the opportunity to come forward, they are crucial witnesses and ask questions that could get answers."

Revealing new details for the first time, Mark said in the early hours of Monday (June 17), it's believed the two men met Jay and his friends at bars along the strip in Playa de las Americas.

On the morning of leaving the club, at 4am, Mark said Jay was said to have been 'in control of himself'. He claims the teenager sat on the wall outside the venue before getting in a car with the two men back to Masca.

He also told reporters that several 'key witnesses', several of whom are Jay's friends, have since travelled back to the UK. He claimed that he has been sent 'lots of communication' of messages and calls shared between Jay and others, but they have been lost due to being on Snapchat.

Jay Slater disappeared in Tenerife
Jay Slater disappeared in Tenerife -Credit:ENTERPRISE NEWS AND PICTURES

"This is about finding Jay, we need as many people as possible to get involved," he said. "There are people out here who know more. There are people out here who have information who have seen Jay, had contact with Jay whilst he was here. If you were in those clubs on that evening or the early hours of the morning, please come forward."

Touching on the possible CCTV sighting of Jay, in the village of Santiago del Teide on Monday evening, Mark added: "It is not the best of images. Yes it could possibly be him, but if you walk around this area here, you will see an awful lot of young men who look like Jay, dress like Jay and have the skin fade like Jay.

"One of the things that causes me concern, is where has he been in those eight hours before he ends up in that location. In order to get back to that village you would have to have walked on the road.

"We don't know where he goes. What we need to know is did anyone drive up that area on that morning? It's a busy area, both with tourists and locals, if you saw Jay let us know. Anybody, let us know."

Mark claims there are 'two scenarios', adding: "He has either come to harm by his own accident, up in the hills somewhere, but not directly by the rental. Or, there is a third party involvement. I cannot rule that out at the moment."

Anyone with any information can contact the hotline number, set up by Mark, on 07507833099