Jay Slater new picture shows missing Brit at packed Tenerife music rave hours before vanishing

This image captures Jay Slater at the rave
-Credit: (Image: Stan Kujawa)

A new photo has emerged of Jay Slater, the 19-year-old apprentice bricklayer from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, taken just hours before he mysteriously disappeared in Tenerife on Monday.

Captured at a rave on Sunday evening, the image shows Jay who is thought to have later left with two individuals he had met there. He was attending the NRG festival on the island with friends but departed the event with these new acquaintances to stay at an Airbnb located within a mountainous nature reserve.

It is believed that Jay ventured out alone into the challenging landscape on Monday morning.

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On Saturday (June 22), search teams have been spotted clearing debris from the area. Police, alongside rescue dogs and firefighters, are intensifying their efforts to locate the missing teenager in the treacherous Rural de Teno Park, notorious for its perilous rocky terrain and unpredictable weather conditions.

A particular focus has been placed on the Barranco Madre del Agua river at the base of a ravine, where searchers investigated amidst the underbrush and dead palm trees with sticks, reports the Mirror.

The last known location of Jay's phone was in the Rural de Teno Park, with his movements after approximately 8.30am on Monday shrouded in uncertainty. Debbie Duncan, Jay's mother, has described the ordeal of searching for her son as "an absolute living nightmare".

She arrived in Tenerife on Tuesday accompanied by her eldest son. In a heartfelt statement to ITV News, Ms Duncan said: "He's the life and soul, he's a beautiful boy."

Jay was last spotted by the Airbnb proprietor as he departed the premises on Monday. He is believed to have missed his bus to meet companions in the island's southern region, a location favoured by British holidaymakers.

Ophelia, who runs the accommodation, said: "It's dangerous walking around here, it's easy to lose yourself. He walked up the road when I saw him for the last time. He was alone. He was walking normally, though he was fast."

Jay's mother has since said that there has been a potential, yet unverified, sighting of him on Monday. Debbie said: "Someone has come forward to say they saw someone who they thought was Jay walking back down the road sat on a bench.

"He was with two men looking a bit worse for wear, and they were by a church, this guy has come forward and told the police about it and they are looking into it. We don't know if it was Jay for sure, but it's a start. They said it was about 6pm which is ten hours after he was seen by the lady in the village. But if it was him what was he doing there and who are these two men?"

A new photograph has emerged showing Jay navigating through a crowded dance floor, following earlier footage from the same evening. The video captured him moving through the nightclub with sunglasses atop his head while music played loudly.