Jay Slater police question Tenerife 'drugs fraternity' over his disappearance

A "drugs fraternity" on Tenerife have been spoken to in a bid to find out where missing Jay Slater could be. Mark Williams-Thomas, the former British detective investigating the disappearance of missing 19-year-old Jay, claims he has spoken with many people while trying to shed a light on the whereabouts of the teenager from Lancashire.

Among them, he said, were "significant" members in the "drugs fraternity" in Tenerife. He said: "You will appreciate that as part of our investigation we have spoken to a significant number of witnesses both here in the UK and in Tenerife, including Jay's friends who are fully engaged with us.

"As such, we have received a significant amount of both personal and sensitive information. We have even spoken to significant individuals in the drug's fraternity in Tenerife. Much of that information is highly sensitive and so therefore we will not be releasing it."

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And a former Scotland Yard detective has warned of "catastrophic errors" after it emerged officers in forensic gear visited the remote cottage where Jay stayed more than two weeks since the day he went missing. Peter Bleksley from Channel 4 series Hunted told Express.co.uk: "If the reports are true that officers were seen leaving an AirBnB and removing forensic overshoes, as has all come out, then that is deeply, deeply worrying.

"When they (Spanish police) were focused on searching rugged terrain there were no stories of full forensic examinations going on at any premises or vehicles. You would expect this in a similar case in Britain, but we have seen none of that, not a shred of it. Instead we have heard about two men being completely ruled out by the Guardia Civil at the early stages of their enquiries. They said they are considering all possibilities, but their actions do not suggest that."