Jay Slater search sees British TikTok star looking for key clue

Missing Jay Slater
-Credit: (Image: Instagram)

A British climber and TikTok star has joined the search for missing Jay Slater. Paul Arnott, from Flitwick in Bedfordshire, is focusing on a ravine in Tenerife.

He told the BBC that drones and helicopters 'don't pick up everything' and said he was focusing on 'the most hazardous areas' and areas where there were 'potential for rock falls'.

The 29-year-old climber has been concentrating on the Masca ravine, in the Teno Rural Park, which is in the northwest of the island close to where Jay was last seen. He has been missing since June 17.

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He had contacted friends who he had gone to the island with to attend a music festival telling them he was thirsty and trying to walk home from an AirBnB apartment where he had gone with two men he had just met at the festival. The journey back to their holiday accommodation on the south of the island was expected to take 11 hours on foot.

His friend Brad believes he heard Jay slip on the call, suggesting he may have gone off of the road. Paul, whose TikTok account is called @downtherapids and has more than 260,000 followers, cancelled a charity event in Scotland to join the search.

He has been documenting his progress on social media and told the BBC: "I understand these environments and their challenges. I know how harsh and intimidating they can be without the proper experience." He added: "You have to be the best person you can be. I spend all my time in the mountains. I've assisted search and rescue in Scotland before. It's what I do."

He continued: "Drones and helicopters are good but they don't pick up everything. You're going to be looking at the most hazardous areas such as ravines and areas [where] there's potential for rock falls."