Jay Slater: Six major clues in mystery of teen's disappearance in Tenerife

Jay Slater

Teenager Jay Slater has been missing for two weeks and Tenerife police have ceased their active search efforts. This article delves into the six key pieces of evidence that have emerged, with a former detective opining that the case should have been approached as a homicide from the outset.

Jay, hailing from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, disappeared on the holiday isle of Tenerife since Monday, June 17. The young bricklayer was last spotted by his Airbnb host, and it's believed he missed his bus to meet friends in the island's south, a hotspot for British holidaymakers, after attending a music festival.

Spanish authorities have decided to end their search, having found no trace of Jay. Yet, his heartbroken relatives are determined to continue the hunt. Rachel Hargreaves, a close friend of Jay's mother, Debbie Duncan, who started a Facebook page to collate details about the missing youth, said: "We're still going to go out and search. No one is leaving until we find Jay. We stay, we do what we need to do."


Below we have put together the crucial clues that have surfaced during the investigation, as reported by the Mirror. They include his last Snapchat, his injury and the people who spoke to him just before he disappeared.

Who was last to speak to Jay Slater?

Jay was last in contact with Lucy Mae, who said that he phoned her on the morning of his disappearance, expressing confusion and an urgent need for water, while also mentioning his phone battery was running out. In a statement on Jay's GoFundMe page, Lucy said: "On the last day of the festival, I left alone, earlier than everyone else, because I was tired from the weekend. I woke up to a phone call off Jay at 8.30am saying 'he was lost in the mountains, he wasn't aware of his surroundings, he desperately needed a drink and his phone was on 1%'.

"He had met two people on Sunday night and left with them to go to their apartment. Their apartment was miles away from civilisation and in a very secluded location. He left at 8am, and walked half an hour before frantically ringing me when his phone reached 1%. No one has seen or heard from him since."

Brad Hargreaves, another friend, also spoke about his last conversation with Jay. In an interview with Isla Traquair on This Morning, Brad relayed: "He was on the phone walking down a road and he'd gone over a little bit - not a big drop - but a tiny little drop and he was going down, and he said 'I'll ring ya back, I'll ring ya back' because I think someone else was ringing him. If he was thinking like me, he would have gone back up and started walking on the path again... He wouldn't have gone all that way down there."

Where is Jay Slater's phone now?

Utilising data from Jay's phone, detectives have been able to narrow down a specific location for the 19-year-old. Jay's phone died at approximately 8.50am on Monday morning near a hiking trail in Rural de Teno park. The Spanish Civil Guard is certain of this location, using it as their starting point for searches, they confirmed this in a press conference.

They stated: "We know to a certain science that he was here because the coverage of his phone its undeniable that he was around this point. And that's where we have difficulties, because once you turn off your phone, it can no longer be traced. So while he was walking - and we don't know how long he could have walked for - with his phone switched off, no antenna is going to pick that up. And the technology we have - it traces phones, but not people. We have certain clues, and we have to stick to those."

What were the threats to Jay Slater's mum?

On arriving in Tenerife just a day after Jay's disappearance, mum Debbie Duncan was subjected to disgusting prank calls and even death threats concerning her son. The origin of these messages is unclear, but uncovering them may be crucial to the family gaining some understanding of what happened to Jay.

55-year-old Debbie received a troubling Snapchat message insinuating she would never see her son again due to a large outstanding debt he supposedly had. Debbie shared: "There's no ransom demand come in yet but I got a Snapchat about 10 minutes after I got off the plane saying 'Kiss goodbye to your boy, you're never going to see him again, he owes me a lot of money'."

How did Jay Slater get injured?

Jay mentioned to his friend Lucy during a phone call that he had injured his leg on a cactus. Civil Guard officers indicated that this information prompted them to comb through a nearby ravine, which was in the vicinity of the last known location of Jay's mobile phone signal.

At a press briefing held at Mirador La Cruz de Hilda near the search area, officers shared: "Another thing that leads us to that conclusion is that when he was on the phone to Lucy, he got caught by a cactus and he was worried that they might be poisonous - she said, don't worry, it won't be poisonous - but for that, he had to have left the main road.

"If you were walking along the main road you wouldn't get pricked by a cactus. To do that, you would have had to have left the main road and be halfway up the mountain."

What was Jay Slater wearing when he vanished?

A Snapchat video captured just hours before Jay disappeared shows him having a good time in the Arona district of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The footage, recorded around 8.35pm on Sunday, June 16, by relative Isabelle Price, has been circulated in a Facebook group set up to aid in locating Jay, which boasts over 40,000 members.

Accompanying the video was the caption: "This is a clear video of what Jay was wearing the night he went missing. All of our family and friends are so worried, we're all just praying and hoping he gets found soon unharmed."

The final Snapchat sent from Jay Slater's phone

The final Snapchat photo from Jay shows a hand holding a cigarette, believed to be taken at a property in the Buenavista del Norte area around 7.30am on Monday. Given the puzzling circumstances, Lucy shared her confusion, stating: "I can't understand why he would come out of the house and then decide he was going to walk. I think he maybe set off walking with battery and had not realised how far the walk actually is."