Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses for sale at $150,000, as well as Bibles

Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.  (Netflix)
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. (Netflix)

A pair of Jeffrey Dahmer’s glasses worn by the murderer in prison is going up for sale for $150,000 (£132,625).

In the wake of Netflix’s newest revival of gory true-crime mysteries, the latest of which is Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, sales of cult memorabilia have shot through the roof.

Now, despite strong backlash from the families of his victims, Dahmer’s cannibalistic crimes have been dug up once more, sparking a craze in interest.

Taylor James, of Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada, told TMZ that he had obtained the eye glasses belonging to the Milwaukee murderer from the former housekeeper of Dahmer’s father.

Several other items on sale include paperwork and correspondence from lawyers, family photos, Bibles, and cutlery from his apartment, although many have sold out already.

Now James is willing to part with the pair but for an astonishing price tag.

Speaking to TMZ, Taylor said that another private sale of Jeffrey’s glasses took place earlier this year to a high-profile bidder.

Dahmer was imprisoned for life in 1992 after being convicted of 16 murders. However, he did not last long, as a fellow inmate beat him to death.

He was seen wearing the aviator-style frames when jailed – the same style sported by Evan Peters, who plays Dahmer in the new Netflix retelling.

The drama, despite reaching massive ratings, has been snubbed by many for being insensitive to victims’ families and its harrowing images.

Furthermore, many of the 17 boys and young men Dahmer killed were black and gay.

Attorney Preston Mitchum tweeted: “I turned on this Netflix series for 10 minutes and turned it off. Not watching this trauma.

“Jeffrey Dahmer was able to kill so many people for so long because his victims were largely black gay men, especially those trying to make ends meet.

“Now, people are romanticising who he was, like they do every white serial killer. It’s disturbing and disgusting.”