Jeffrey Epstein kicked Harvey Weinstein out of his house after mogul’s ‘aggressive treatment’ of his ‘favourite girl’

Ellie Harrison

A lawyer for some of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers has claimed the disgraced financier fell out with Harvey Weinstein over “one of his favourite girls”.

In his new book Relentless Pursuit, Brad Edwards details how Epstein used his close friendship with Weinstein to lure women into his house, but alleges the pair then fell out after Weinstein’s “aggressive mistreatment” of one of the guests.

“Weinstein was at Epstein’s apartment in France receiving a massage from one of Epstein’s girls,” wrote Edwards, “when he attempted to aggressively convert the massage into something sexual.

“The girl rejected his advances. As the story goes, Harvey then verbally abused her for rejecting him.

“Little did Harvey know, this was one of Epstein’s favourite girls at the time and Jeffrey viewed the aggressive mistreatment as disrespectful to him.

“Jeffrey then came into the room, got in Harvey’s face, and kicked him out of his house, delivering the message that he was never to come back.”

Edwards added: “I heard various versions of this story… including years later from Epstein himself, who referred to Harvey as a pig. Imagine that.”

It was recently reported that Weinstein, who is currently serving a 23 year prison sentence for third-degree rape and sexual assault, has tested positive for coronavirus.

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