Jenifer Lewis reveals her all-time favorite role and we’re EMOTIONAL

Jenifer Lewis Princess and the Frog Mama Odie Disney
Jenifer Lewis Princess and the Frog Mama Odie Disney

Here's a hint... it's Disney!

Jenifer Lewis is known as the "Mother of Black Hollywood" for her iconic motherly roles in classic films like What's Love Got to Do With It, Poetic Justice, The Preacher's Wife, and many more.

However, she's declaring one particular motherly character as her all-time favorite.

"I think my favorite is Mama Odie in Princess and the Frog. You know they're doing a ride in Disney World and I just saw my animatronic. Unbelievable," Lewis tells PRIDE.

Opening this summer at Walt Disney World Resort, fans will be able to experience Mama Odie's animatronic at the brand new ride called Tiana's Bayou Adventure.

"When I saw that and my voice came out of her, I knew that I didn't die in Africa because I had more moments of bliss to live. It made me so happy. That's going to be on the ride and those kids will hear my voice right before they go splashing down in that water... in Disney World! Who could ask for anything more?"

It's time to get tickets to Disney! Check out the full video below with Jenifer Lewis.

Jenifer Lewis REACTS to Mama Odie's Animatronic at Disney World