Jennie Bond thinks Harry was 'very rude' about royal correspondents

Watch: Jennie Bond says Prince Harry was 'very rude' about Royal Correspondents

Jennie Bond has labelled Prince Harry "very rude" and "cheeky" for his comments shrugging off the experience of royal correspondents.

Bond, 72, was the BBC's royal correspondent for 14 years and made her annoyance clear about Harry's opinions on the media in his Netflix documentary Harry & Meghan.

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Talking to Good Morning Britain on Friday, she said: "Yeah, he was very rude, wasn't he, about royal correspondents.

Jennie Bond says Prince Harry was 'very rude' about Royal Correspondent
Jennie Bond says Prince Harry was 'very rude' about Royal Correspondent. (ITV)

"He was very cheeky and I do take issue with him, I was quite annoyed at him, because he suggested that we are called royal correspondents by our newspapers or bosses simply so that there could be added credibility."

Bond continued: "He gave no cognisance to the fact that actually we're experienced, we study, we're trained and that's our speciality.

"So he just threw everyone into the same dung heap, basically, and his contempt for all of the media knows no bounds."

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Another BBC royal correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, also spoke about the documentary on Thursday's BBC News at Six, calling Meghan Markle's claims about the press trying to destroy her "absurd".

Harry & Meghan is now streaming. (Netflix)
Harry & Meghan is now streaming. (Netflix)

He said that the documentary "suggests there is what amounts to a conspiracy between the Palace and the press.

"That is where I think credibility is really stretched beyond what is reasonable."

Witchell spoke in more detail about one scene from the documentary where Meghan claims: “But truth be told, no matter how hard I tried, no matter how good I was, no matter what I did, they were still going to find a way to destroy me.”

The royal commentator said: “First point, who is ‘they’ she is referring to, I think it is the Palace but, most particularly, it is to the press; but the idea that anyone was out to ‘destroy’ her, frankly, I think is absurd and simply does not stand up to proper and reasonable scrutiny.”

Harry & Meghan's first three episodes are currently streaming on Netflix, with the next three due to drop next week.