Paul Burrell: Diana would be 'very upset and unhappy' at Harry & Meghan documentary

Watch: Paul Burrell says Diana would be 'very upset' by Harry & Meghan documentary

Paul Burrell has said he believes Diana, Princess of Wales would have been "very upset and unhappy" to see Prince Harry's tell-all Netflix documentary.

Diana's former butler joined Lorraine on Thursday morning to discuss the Harry & Meghan documentary which released its first three episodes on Netflix on Thursday.

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Burrell, who has known Prince Harry since birth, slammed the couple for including so much personal information in the documentary and suggested Diana would have been horrified by it.

Paul Burrell shared what he thought Diana would say. (Shutterstock/ITV)
Paul Burrell shared what he thought Diana would say. (Shutterstock/ITV)

Talking about the six-episode Netflix series, he said: "They're going to whinge through six hours telling us how unfortunate they are living in their Beverly Hills mansion."

Former royal servant Burrell was damning in his criticism of the amount of personal detail exposed in the documentary.

He said: "Harry's mother always said to him, 'the price you pay for this privileged life is a life of service'. And Harry chose not to do that, he chose to turn his back on it and live a lifestyle in Hollywood."

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Burrell continued: "I always think what would Diana say. It would not have happened if she'd been here, but she would have reminded Harry of his position and she would say to him you were born into this family, I'm proud that my sons are part of this family, and she was proud to be part of the Royal Family. The Royal Family is bigger than any one person.

Paul Burrell (left, in the background in the white shirt and black trousers, butler to Diana, Princess of Wales as she makes a three day visit to Bosnia - Herzegovina as part of her campaign to raise awareness about the devastating effects landmines have on peoples lives and to call for a complete ban on the production, sale and use of land mines. The trip was organised by the American-based Landmine Survivors Network. Picture taken 10th August 1997. (Photo by Kent Gavin/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)
Paul Burrell was Diana's butler. (Getty Images) (Mirrorpix via Getty Images)

"I think she would be very upset and unhappy that Harry is saying so many private things and sharing so many private images and I think she would be very upset by it. She would always say, come to me if there's a problem, my door is always open."

In the documentary, Harry says that there are many similarities between his wife's and his mother's characters, and has previously talked about wanting to protect her from the same intense media scrutiny that his mother faced.

But Burrell said: "Meghan isn't Diana. Diana was a different person from a different time and things happened to her that will never happen to Meghan.

"This couple could have had it all. They would have been at the heart of the King's family... they would have been phenomenal. But instead they chose the commercial route and chose to cash in above everything else."

Harry and Meghan (Netflix)
Harry & Meghan is now streaming. (Netflix) (Courtesy of Prince Harry and Meghan; Courtesy of Prince Harry and MeghanThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex)

He added: "I don't think you're going to see them at the coronation. I think the King will be furious and I don't think William will be happy about all of this exploitation."

Burrell spoke about having first met Harry "when he was in his mummy's tummy", telling how Diana had placed his hand on her bump as the baby was kicking and said "meet Harry".

He said: "I'm part of that world and I don't like this. It's very sad."

During the chat, he also added that he felt Meghan had not liked being less important in the Royal Family than the now Princess of Wales, Kate.

He said: "Meghan could never be a star of this show, she could only be a supporting actress. So by doing this she can be a star on her own terms."

Harry & Meghan is currently streaming the first three episodes on Netflix.