Jennie McAlpine hasn't had a date with husband in three years

Jennie McAlpine doesn't have date nights credit:Bang Showbiz
Jennie McAlpine doesn't have date nights credit:Bang Showbiz

Jennie McAlpine and her husband haven’t been on a date for three years.

The ‘Coronation Street’ actress – who has Albert, seven, and Hilda, three, with her spouse Chris Farr – admitted she’s been too busy with work and her young children to go out somewhere just as a couple, but she still cherishes quality time at home with the restaurateur when their kids have gone to bed.

She said: “I have friends who swear by date nights once a month, but we’ve not had a date night since Hilda was born three years ago!

“We will sometimes get a takeaway hot chocolate and sit on the bench outside Albert’s school and have a 10-minute date on the bench before we pick him up!

“But one night recently, Chris was home and the children were in bed and we saw with a brew watching ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and that was my idea of absolute heaven.

“I said to Chris, ‘If someone offered us a babysitter right now, absolutely nothing would get me off this sofa.”

Although Chris and Jennie get to socialise separately, she admitted their son has a better social life than they do.

She told Woman’s Weekly magazine: “We’ve been out individually but not together.

“We’re a tag team – Chris will pick them up from school and do Beavers. I’ll do swimming or football, then I’ll do bath and bed.

“Our son Albert is the one with a full social life – he’s out all the time at some club or other.”

But Jennie is happy with life that way.

She said: “It’s nice chaos. I don’t know where I’m meant to be from one minute to the next, but if I didn’t have it, I’d miss it.”