Jenny Powell reveals her 'golden rule' for a better sex life

Jenny Powell reveals her golden rule for a better sex life credit:Bang Showbiz
Jenny Powell reveals her golden rule for a better sex life credit:Bang Showbiz

Jenny Powell's "golden rule" for maintaining a good sex life is that she doesn't allow her fiance to have a television in the bedroom.

The 54-year-old presenter - who was previously married to Toby Baxendale and has daughters Pollyanna, 13, and 21-year-old Constance with him - has been engaged to sports therapist Martin Lowe, 48, since 2014 and believes that their intimacy is "still going strong" because they are making the effort with each other.

She said: "The intimate side of our relationship is still going strong. Martin loves my energy and he’s extremely patient and very understanding. I strongly believe that you have to keep making the effort with each other, or it’s a slippery slope. And my one golden rule for maintaining intimacy in a relationship is: don’t have a TV in your bedroom."

The former 'Wheel of Fortune' co-host - who previously dated the likes of Take That star Jason Orange and former 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant Matt Goss - admitted sex has got "better and better" since she hit 50, but joked that if her "chiselled" partner suddenly stopped training and started to look like former Prime Minister Boris Johnson then she would have to "kick him into shape."

She told The Sun newspaper's Fabulous magazine: "Sex in your fifties gets better and better. Let’s face it, when you know someone so well and you’ve been through so many journeys, it’s just the best way to relax and enjoy each other. He does strongman training and pulling and pushing tyres and all sorts of deadlifting, and he does cold water swimming even in February.

"Heaven forbid, if he stopped looking after himself and got a body like Boris Johnson. I’d have to kick him into shape!”