Jeremy Clarkson ignores 'total disaster' warning and says 'I decided'

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Jeremy Clarkson was warned that buying a pub would be a "total disaster" - but decided to do it anyway. The Clarkson's Farm presenter said he forked out "less than £1 million" for Oxfordshire boozer.

The former Top Gear star plans to serve up produce from his Diddly Squat Farm at The Windmill, near Burford, and have his own beer in the taps too. The presenter want it to be full of "dogs and families round the fire", and said fruit machines and "confusing" toilet signs would be banned.

Clarkson's last attempt at catering came to an abrupt end, with viewers of the hit Amazon series seeing his dreams unravel. Council chiefs shut down a barn he'd converted into a restaurant on his 1,000-acre farm as it breached planning regulations, the Express reports.

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Clarkson said: "I decided last year that I'd like to buy a pub. I dreamt, as many men have dreamt in the past, of chatting with the regulars about nothing of any consequence and then having a Sunday roast with my family at my own table.

"I had failed to get planning permission to turn a barn on my farm into a restaurant, but I still wanted somewhere where I could sell all that we make here. And my own beer in the taps too."

He plans to employ 80 people at the pub, which potentially won't open until later this year due to extensive refurbishment work being carried out. Clarkson said: "It's entirely possible that I won't get the place mended and open until the icy hand of winter has descended, which means I'll have 80 people to pay every week, a quagmire for a car park and no customers because - as I've been told time and again - people just don't go to country pubs any more. I think there are good reasons for that.

"Fun is in short supply, and fun is what I want to put back. There will be bar billiards, there will be darts. And in the corner, there will be a table with my name on it. A place where I can go on a Sunday with my granddaughter for some gammon, egg and chips."