Jeremy Corbyn hits out at Theresa May's Brexit deal, branding it a "huge and damaging failure"

Jeremy Corbyn has hit out at Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal, warning that it cannot be put to Parliament.

The Labour leader said Mrs May’s deal – which has already prompted several resignations – was a “huge and damaging failure” and had left the Government in “chaos”.

Replying to the Prime Minister’s Brexit update, Mr Corbyn told the Commons: “After two years of bungled negotiations the Government has produced a botched deal that breaches the Prime Minister’s own red lines and does not meet our six tests.

“The Government is in chaos. Their deal risks leaving the country in an indefinite halfway house without a real say.”

Mr Corbyn said: “When even the last Brexit Secretary, who theoretically at least negotiated the deal, says ‘I cannot support the proposed deal’, what faith does that give anyone else in this place or in this country?

“The Government simply cannot put to Parliament this half-baked deal that both the Brexit Secretary and his predecessor have rejected. No-deal is not a real option and the Government has not seriously prepared for it.”


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Mr Corbyn went on: “The withdrawal agreement is a leap in the dark – an ill-defined deal by a never-defined date.”

He said it was “clear the Prime Minister’s red line regarding jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice had also been torn up”.

Jeremy Corbyn has slammed Theresa May’s Brexit deal (Picture: REUTERS/Yves Herman)

Mrs May, who was greeted with shouts of “resign”, questioned whether Mr Corbyn had read the same document, listing what she said were his errors.

“I’m really not sure what document he read,” she said. “There is indeed a choice before members of this House – it is a choice of whether or not we go ahead with a deal that does deliver on the vote, while protecting jobs, while protecting our security and while protecting our union.”

It is thought that Mr Corbyn will block Mrs May’s agreement by ordering his party’s MPs to vote against the proposals.

Following the announcement of the deal, he tweeted: “This is a bad deal which isn’t in the interests of the whole country. #WithdrawalAgreement #BrexitChaos”.

He is said to have told reporters that Labour “would do a better deal” with Brussels and would “re-open negotiations quickly” if the party won a snap General Election.