Jeremy Corbyn told rally the European Union ‘must be defeated’, new footage reveals

Jeremy Corbyn is under fire after new video footage emerged (Picture: PA)

Jeremy Corbyn said the European Union “must be defeated” before he became Labour leader, new video footage shows.

A video published by talkRADIO shows Mr Corbyn addressing the Durham Miners Gala in 2010.

In his speech, he says: “They, the world’s bankers, International Monetary Fund, European Union, they are utterly united in what they want.

“Utterly united in deflation, suppressing the economy, and creating unemployment. Utterly united in that.

“We need to be equally united, not just across every union in this country and every community in this country and every social demand in this country, but all across Europe and internationally to show that the voice of those campaigning for peace, justice and socialism.

“We will not be silenced by these people. We will win through. We will defeat them and we will win that decency that we want in this world.”

Responding to the new footage, a spokesperson for the Labour Party said: “Jeremy was speaking out against the austerity that the IMF, the EU and the world’s bankers were forcing on the people of Europe at the time and calling for people to work across borders to defeat austerity and build an economy that works for the many not the few.

“He is proud of his longstanding record of campaigning for internationalism, social justice and for an investment-led economy.”

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Last week, a separate video of Mr Corbyn, from 2009, showed him arguing that the Lisbon Treaty would create a “military Frankenstein”.

He also said that if the treaty was blocked it would be “such a boost to people like us” who “do not want to live in a European empire of the 21st century”.

Mr Corbyn is under fire from Remainers within his own party who say he has failed to give support to a second Brexit referendum.

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