Jeremy Vine objects to being overtaken by car while riding a penny farthing

The TV presenter insisted the antiquated vehicle is safe 'because drivers tend to notice it.'

 Jeremy Vine leaves BBC Wogan House on his bicycle after presenting his Radio 2 Show on July 19, 2017 in London, England. The BBC has published the pay of its top earning employees today as part of the corporation's annual report.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)
Jeremy Vine has shared his outrage at being overtaken while riding his penny farthing. (Getty Images)

Jeremy Vine has shared his outrage after being closely overtaken on the road while riding his penny farthing bicycle.

The TV and radio presenter is a keen cyclist and owns a modernised version of the early bicycle from the 1800s which he rides around on the roads near his home in Chiswick, West London.

Vine, 57, posted a video on social media asking: "What sort of imbecile does a close pass on a Penny Farthing?"

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Drone footage showed Vine riding the bicycle, highlighting the shadow of his vehicle on the road.

Just as a white car pulls out to overtake him and Vine can be heard exclaiming: "Ridiculous!"

The video then features text reading: "Why would you pass any cyclist that close, let alone one on a penny farthing?"

Heavy metal music can be heard playing and the text has pink flames coming out of it to indicate danger.

broadcaster jeremy vine and julia cambridge, mayor of the borough of richmond, stand behind the broadcaster's penny farthing bicycle, kew ecofair 2023
Jeremy Vine shows off his Penny-farthing with a hight front wheel. (PA)

The BBC Radio 2 DJ highlights that the gap is 0.8m and said: "This driver is being reported because if he'll do this to a penny farthing, God only knows what he'll do to a regular cyclist."

A penny farthing features a large front wheel and a small rear wheel - making them more precariously balanced and putting the rider at much greater height from the road.

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They became obsolete in the late 1880s when modern bicycles were introduced with equal-sized, evenly spaced wheel, marketed as "safety bicycles" as they were more balance and the rider had less far to fall.

They have had a revival with cycling enthusiasts and the large front wheel enables them to reach high speeds.

Jeremy Vine Remounts Penny-Farthing in Chiswick High Road. Television presenter Jeremy Vine dismounted his penny-farthing bicycle in Chiswick High Road to adjust a piece of personal equipment fastened around his waist. Passersby looked on with interest as he then remounted in the controversial cycle lane, C9. Credit: Peter Hogan/Alamy Live News
Jeremy Vine riding his penny farthing on Chiswick High Road in west London. (Alamy)

Twitter users were unsympathetic, with many claiming Vine was risking his own safety by choosing ride the penny farthing.

He responded to one sarcastic tweet: "I knew I'd find a like mind on here. You are right to suggest it's safer, because drivers tend to notice it."

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In February 2022 Vine was treated in hospital after falling from his penny farthing while riding on grass – flipping him a long distance and leaving him unconscious.

The presenter was given a brain and spine scan but escaped with just a black eye.

In 2021 he caused such uproar on social media when he posted a video of a group of cyclists riding four abreast.