Who Is Jey Uso's Wife? All About Takecia Travis

Jey Uso married his wife in 2015

<p>Angela Weiss/Getty</p> Jey Uso in 2013

Angela Weiss/Getty

Jey Uso in 2013

Jey Uso didn’t have to put up a fight when it came to marrying his high school sweetheart, Takecia Travis.

The WWE wrestler has been married to his wife for nearly a decade. The pair met in high school in Florida, where Uso originally played football in the 2000s. Their connection remained strong, eventually getting married more than a decade later in 2015.

Before turning to wrestling, Uso continued his football career at the University of Alabama from 2003 to 2005 as a linebacker. When the season didn't pan out as hoped, he decided to follow in his family's footsteps and pursue wrestling.

Uso and Travis have two sons together, Jaciyah and Jeyce. The wrestler previously opened up about balancing his demanding career with family life in a 2014 interview with Phillyburb. He mentioned how it takes work and reflected on his life growing up as a kid with his pro-wrestler dad, WWE star Rikishi.

“When I was about a year into wrestling, I called my dad and told him I loved him and I couldn’t believe he did it for 15 years,” he said. “But you have to find a balance. You have a great family and a great job.”

So who is Jey Uso’s wife? Here’s everything to know about Tekecia Travis and her relationship with the WWE star.

She is originally from Florida

<p>Desiree Navarro/WireImage</p> Jey Uso in 2015

Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Jey Uso in 2015

Travis is from Pensacola, Fla., where she and Uso first met at Escambia High School, and started dating. Their bond remained strong as they remained together after graduating.

Uso and Travis transitioned from high school sweethearts to lifelong partners, eventually marrying on Jan. 8, 2015.

Uso and Travis have relocated multiple times

<p>WWE/Getty</p> Jey Uso on May 6, 2024


Jey Uso on May 6, 2024

The couple first met in Florida, where they resided until they moved to Alabama while Uso attended college.

They then moved to Georgia after their wedding in January 2015 before making the San Francisco-area their home.

They share two sons together

<p>Jey Uso Instagram</p> Jey Uso and his son

Jey Uso Instagram

Jey Uso and his son

The couple have two sons, Jaciyah and Jeyce.

Uso opened up about balancing his demanding career with family life with his wife, saying to Phillyburb, “It’s hard, especially for my older son because he understands I’m leaving. But when I get time home, it’s great. I’ll sleep, then we’ll go out for sushi, then see a movie. I’m not gonna lie, I’ll fall asleep during the movie, but we have a great time.”

Uso is proud of his kids

Uso loves to spend quality time with his kids. The proud father donned mitts to give his son Jeyce boxing lessons, sharing the moment with fans on Instagram.

Jeyce, who has been a significant inspiration for his father, received praise for his fast hands, throwing everything from straight hooks to uppercuts. The WWE star posted a video of their session, captioning it, "He training me tho.🔥 My Biggest accomplishment, being a father."

In an exclusive interview with WWE after his 2024 match with his brother Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania XL, Uso opened up about the emotions he felt having his son with him. "I needed him with me. I was just so happy he was with me. He got to see me and his uncle go out there and do what we do. That's all, man,” he said.

Uso continued, speaking about his wish to spend more time with family: “Out of all this, that was the best experience I had 'cause everybody see all this but it ain't even about that. I'm trying to spend time with my family. I put smiles on so many other kids, I don't even get to see my own that much. I'm so happy. It got to work out where he is with me.”

Uso and his wife have three French Bulldogs

<p>WWE/Getty</p> Jey Uso on April 6, 2024


Jey Uso on April 6, 2024

Uso and Travis have three French Bulldogs named Pongo, Mumble and Jax. In a 2023 summer vlog video shared on WWE’s website, Uso can be seen showing off his three dogs to the camera and playing with them outside.

“I love my dogs,” he said. “No matter what, like, dogs will always love you, bro. Whatever bad day you have, they show love,” Uso continued, while patting one of his pups.

She is a stay-at-home mom

Travis has primarily taken on the job of a homemaker, her role playing a crucial part in allowing Uso to focus on his WWE career.

Uso has publicly acknowledged her support, stating, “She gets me ready for this, every single week, and she has for the past 10 years.”

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