Audiences WALK OUT of Piers Morgan's Life Stories after Jim Davidson tells racist joke

Jim Davidson appears on this week’s Life Stories, (PA)
Jim Davidson appears on this week’s Life Stories, (PA)

Controversial comedian Jim Davidson has offended audiences in this week’s Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, so much so that a number walked out.

The star joined Morgan (for the 10 March show) to talk about a variety of things, from his ex-wives, to sex abuse accusations, to the public’s disdain at his offensive comic routines.

During the filming of the show, it’s reported that up to six audience members walked out after he began talking about a past impression he used to do of a West Indian person named Chalky, according to the Daily Star.

Speaking about a black man he used to impersonate as a joke, he said: ‘That, I find funny: the way other people talk. I don’t know what black people think. I have not met them all yet.’

And went on: ‘When I did that Chalky stuff it was about an accent. The only reason he was black was because I could do the accent.’

Speaking on the interview show that airs this weekend, the TV personality also opened up about his four failed marriages, now with wife number five, Michelle, since 2009.

He claimed it was ‘absolutely’ the fault of each of his ex-wives that the marriages fell apart, saying that they cost him a lot of money.

‘It’s how much money I’ve spent over the years. I don’t know, I’m not sure, getting on to 50, £60 million must have passed through my hands,’ Davidson, 64, revealed to host Morgan, 52.

When asked about how it made him feel, the stand-up replied: ‘Brilliant. Thank God I had it. When I won New Faces I said, “Mum, you’ll never have to work again as long as you live”, and she never did.’

Jim Davidson appears on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. (PA)
Jim Davidson appears on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. (PA)

Going on a charm offensive, Davidson continued: ‘That’s alright, surely? She was a lazy cow, my Mum.’

He talked candidly about his current wife, Michelle, saying: ‘She is a very nice person. She’s impatient, she’s fiery like me. She’s a bear-poker and her mum says, “well you need that”.’

He went on: ‘I hope I’m with Michelle for the rest of my life, there’s no one better I’d want to spend the rest of my life with. Liz Hurley, perhaps?’

Morgan asked him about being arrested by officers in charge of Operation Yewtree, to which he described that as ‘pretty traumatic,’ and apparently sees himself as an easy target.

‘I won’t now have a conversation with a woman in a room without someone else being there,’ he claimed.

‘I need to protect myself, I’ve been through the hell. I’m easy to accuse.’

In the past, Davidson has joked about abusing his third wife and has come under fire for the offensive nature of his stand-up routines that have been deemed racist, sexist, and discriminatory against disabled people.

Catch Piers Morgan’s Life Stories this Saturday, at 9.50pm, on ITV1.

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