Jo Brand doesn't actually like cakes despite Bake Off role

Jo Brand admits she doesn't actually like cake credit:Bang Showbiz
Jo Brand admits she doesn't actually like cake credit:Bang Showbiz

Jo Brand has "never been that keen on cakes" despite hosting the 'Great British Bake Off' spin off show.

The 65-year-old comedian has fronted Channel 4's 'An Extra Slice' since 2014, but despite joking about eating sweet treats on stage for a long time, it's not actually the case.

She told the 'How To Be 60' podcast: "When I started doing stand-up I used to talk about cakes.

"And now I do a show about cakes. I've never been that keen on cakes really."

Jo decided to profess her fake love of cakes to combat adverts on television which never showed "fat people" enjoying a slice.

She explained: "The reason I did it was... Do you remember those cake adverts on telly years ago: 'Naughty but nice?'

"Every person that advertised them was a beautiful woman suggestively licking some sort of doughnut with something coming out of it.

"But you never had fat people advertising cake. So that's why I did the whole cake thing, just to kind of go, 'Mehhhhh!' "

She previously opened up about one occasion where she bought her own birthday cake in a bid to stop her husband buying one from a "posh French" patisserie with fruit and a "thin layer of what looks like phlegm on top".

She chose herself a children's cake, and wanted it icing with the words: "You are a very old woman."

However, when she opened it she actually found the words: "Happy retirement Wendy."

Meanwhile, Jo recently discussed the impact of bodyshaming and admitted she is still affected by it today.

She said: "There’s a very different attitude towards it now, which I kind of admire in a way, but I’m saddled with the 'you shameful hulk' attitude that we had in my day. It was always the first thing people commented on.

"I just got used to those blows and dealing with them, and it’s fine.

"But I couldn’t bring myself in this day and age to wear what much bigger women wear confidently. I don’t understand how they can do that, but I do admire it."