Joe Lycett's shock feud with major celebrity - over a chocolate bar

Joe Lycett has sparked an unexpected feud with one of the world's biggest popstars over a chocolate bar. The Brummie comedian recently announced he was suing fellow Midlands star Harry Styles, from Redditch, over an unpaid Kit-Kat Chunky debt.

But it turns out this was just another of his trademark stunts to highlight a different high-profile lawsuit. Last August, the Watermelon Sugar singer offered £6 and a Kit-Kat Chunky Peanut Butter to purchase a portrait Lycett had painted of him.

While Lycett claimed last weekend that Styles had paid the cash part of his invoice, he alleged the chocolate bar was still missing. In a cheeky social media video, Lycett then announced he would be suing Styles to get what he was owed.

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However, in a twist that will surprise no one, it's now been revealed that it was all a hoax. In a new social media post shared on Thursday, Lycett revealed his threat of legal action was actually a satirical jab at Shell's multimillion-dollar "intimidation" lawsuit against Greenpeace over a peaceful protest in 2023.

"While the Kit-Kat is still outstanding, I would never sue Harry Styles," Lycett admitted. "I would go so far as to say that no one should ever sue Harry Styles, in the same way that you should never sue, I don't know, Greenpeace. But guess what? Oil giant Shell are suing Greenpeace for millions of dollars."

The comedian went on to announce his collaboration with the environmental group, launching an exclusive line of T-shirts featuring his famous Harry Styles painting, with all proceeds going towards Greenpeace's legal defence fund. "Of course threatening to sue Harry Styles is ridiculous, but Shell's multimillion dollar lawsuit against Greenpeace is all too real," Joe stated in a press release.

"The oil giant is suing them for damages from a peaceful protest, when they're the ones contributing to the destruction of the planet. We should be demanding damages to all of us!"