Joe McElderry Speaks Out After Weight Gain Jibes

So unless you were living under a proverbial rock for the past week, you may have noticed a certain image getting passed around your place of work, with people recoiling away from it screaming “ NO!!! IT CAN’T BE HIM!!! HE LOOKED SO DIFFERENT WHEN HE WAS SINGING WITH GEORGE MICHAEL IN THE X FACTOR FINAL!!!”

Yes kids, we are of course talking about Joe McElderry and THAT badly-angled photo that emerged of him this week, looking - shall we say – ‘different’.


We’ve all been there babes. Copyright: [ITV]

But, as Joe proved on Instagram earlier this week, the X Factor singer isn’t scoffing his face with chocolate éclairs and KFC Bargain Buckets, he’s actually been getting well-ripped in the gym and is just growing into his new 'manly’ body, appaz.

Speaking to The Sun, Newcastle’s finest (apart from Cheryl FV and Jade from Little Mix, soz) was kind enough to rip off his t-shirt and go full-on 'Men’s Health’ about the situation – revealing that he doesn’t care if people think he’s fat, and that he’s been up in the gym just working on his fitness (to quote Fergie) for AGES:

“If I wasn’t a stronger person I would have had a mental breakdown over that picture.Luckily, I’m not the type of person that will take that massively to heart. I’ve been in this industry for six years now and have always been one to not let negativity get to me, but it did as it caught me off-guard.”


HI JOE. Copyright: [The Sun]

“It came out of nowhere and just blew up. I was in Yo! Sushi when I got warned about the pictures. I have been killing myself in the gym for eight months. I was like, ‘Hang on a minute. I don’t go to the gym six times a week for that picture to ruin all my hard work. It made me look like a slug.”

To be honest, if there was a picture of us 'looking like a slug’ doing the rounds, then we’d be darting out of Yo! Sushi pretty darn fast, lest we get papped looking emotional next to the food carousel.


Well we’re definitely enjoying the colour scheme in the bathroom. Copyright: [Instagram]

Joe, who won the last series of 'The Jump’, says he got annoyed at the comparisons that were made to how he looked as a teenager:

“What annoyed me was how they compared me to how I was when I was 18. I was a tiny, hormonal teenager. Find me anyone in this country whose body, shape, size and face remains the same over that time. My jawline is completely different to what it was because I’ve grown into a man. I’ve grown into my body.”

“I’m now going to have three McDonald’s in a row to shove it in everyone’s faces.”

Ours is a Big Tasty with extra fries, hun.