Joe Swash distracts Gogglebox fans with 'very different' look

Stacey and Joe
-Credit: (Image: (Image: Channel 4))

Celebrity Gogglebox made a triumphant return to Channel 4 with a fresh episode on Friday evening, showcasing a host of celebrities sharing their thoughts on the week's television offerings. Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash resumed their cosy viewing from Pickle Cottage, snuggled up on their plush cream sofa alongside their furry companions. Yet, viewers were quickly sidetracked by the former EastEnders actor Joe's 'very different' appearance.

The pair joined other celebrities in welcoming the nation into their abodes as they tuned into programmes like Top of The Pops 1992, Nevermets, and A Quiet Place. However, as audiences observed the celebrities indulging in their TV time, many commented that Joe, 42, seemed to have altered his usual look.

Accompanied by his spouse Stacey at their Pickle Cottage residence, the conversation turned to marine life. Joe queried: "What do you think jellyfish are?", reports the Mirror. To which Stacey replied simply: "Jellyfish". But Joe disagreed, shaking his head and asserting: "Nope. Jellyfish are definitely aliens. Jellyfish are aliens."Try WalesOnline Premium for FREE by clicking here for no ads, fun puzzles and brilliant new features.

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As his Loose Women co-star partner chuckled she probed: "What?" Joe elaborated further, stating: "They come in on, like, some space rock or something. Jellyfish are not... They're not from our planet." An exasperated Stacey countered: "They are" but Joe remained unconvinced. Amidst their amusing exchange, viewers at home pondered "what happened" to Joe's visage, suggesting that there was something notably different about his smile.

The former EastEnders actor's set of pearly whites became the talking point on X (formerly Twitter ) as viewers tuned into Celebrity Gogglebox. One user queried: "What's going on with #joeswash gnashers. Got some new Turkey specials? #celebritygogglebox". A second chimed in asking: "#celebritygogglebox Has Joe got new teeth?" All the while, a third enquired: "What's happened to Joe Swash' teeth? ! He had lovely teeth #gogglebox."

In Joe and Stacey's past musings about his dental repertoire Stacey has revealed her partner's penchant for cosmetic dentistry. Earlier in the year she disclosed to her Instagram followers: "He [Joe] went out and got his teeth done and came back and expected me to be normal about it. He didn't even discuss it with his wife. Just went out and did it. Now, I'm not in control of Joe's body, he can do what he likes with his body, but how dare he do something without telling me."

Meanwhile, Joe held his ground saying: "I think they look quite nice personally." But Stacey was quick to let him know: "I thought they looked amazing already."

Further into the episode of Gogglebox the couple provided a rare glimpse into their marital banter. Watching a loved-up couple on TV Joe reminisced: "We used to do all this. We used to have pillow talk, didn't we?" Cutting short his nostalgia Stacey reminded him: "We used to sleep in bed together, remember that? " Joe began to retort: "No it's like..." only to be interrupted by Stacey who jested: "It's why we had three kids in four years." Joe reacted with disbelief: "So I'll go in Rex's bed with the baby then shall I?" Stacey couldn't hold back a chuckle: "That's what happens isn't it, babe?" For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.