Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon admit they don't share a bed anymore in candid parenting chat

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon don't share a bed
-Credit: (Image: BANG Showbiz.)

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon have candidly opened up about the changes in their relationship since expanding their family, revealing they no longer share a bed. The couple, who are parents to son Rex, five, and daughters Rose, two, and 15-month-old Belle, as well as having children from previous relationships, discussed how "three kids in four years" have led to a shift in their sleeping habits.

While appearing on 'Celebrity Gogglebox,' the pair watched a segment from 'The Nevermets' which prompted Joe, 42, to reminisce: "We used to have pillow talk, didn't we?" To which Stacey, 34, humorously responded: "We used to sleep in bed together, do you remember that? Before we had three kids in four years!"

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Joe playfully imitated Stacey's nightly routine by saying: ''I'll go in Rex's bed with the baby, all right?" and Stacey acknowledged the situation with a lighthearted: "It's what happens, innit babe? '".

In a recent conversation on the 'Glad We Had This Chat' podcast with host Caroline Hirons, Stacey expressed her confidence in her parenting skills and dismissed any notion of 'mum guilt'. She declared: "I'm a phenomenal mum. I'm done with mum guilt. If you're the mum who loves to be out at work, and I'm the mum who's like, oh, I love playing at home. They're both good mums. I don't understand why one is better than the other in my opinion."

Stacey also reflected on the potential for change in the future, stating: "Whatever phase of life I'm at, I might be this mum right now. But in two years time, if, let's say, I've decided to stay at home and never work again, I might be like, I want to go back to work. Does that make me a bad mum? No, no, it makes me a human that my children can see that I am still a human being. Not just mum."