Joe Swash's alien theory hilariously debunked by Stacey Solomon

joe swash and stacey solomon on celebrity gogglebox
Joe Swash's alien theory hilariously debunkedStudio Lambert / Channel 4

Celebrity Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Friday's (June 28) episode of Celebrity Gogglebox saw Joe Swash's alien theory get hilariously debunked by Stacey Solomon.

As the cast sat down to watch science documentary The UnXplained: Mysteries of the Universe, the former EastEnders star revealed his unusual extraterrestrial theory.

"What do you think jellyfish are?" he asked, to which his wife replied: "Jellyfish."

"Nope. Jellyfish are definitely aliens. They come in on, like, some space rock or something," Joe explained, with a confused Stacey saying: "What?"

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A passionate Joe continued: "Jellyfish are not, they're not from our planet!" before Stacey confirmed: "They are."

The show's viewers shared their reactions to Joe's theory on X (formerly Twitter), with one writing: "Love stacey and Joe," alongside a smiling face emoji.

As the extraterrestrial show continued, Star Trek's William Shatner explored the concept of travelling beyond the moon to new worlds, and whether humans could become "human extraterrestrials".

"Someone's gonna have to get on a spaceship and spend five years or six years going in one direction," explained Joe.

"Who's got that much time?" Stacey then said, with Joe adding: "Wait till the kids grow up, we'll have loads of time on our hands."

joe swash and stacey solomon on celebrity gogglebox
Studio Lambert / Channel 4

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"When the kids grow up and leave home, if you think that I'm coming to the moon with you on a five-year trip, you've got to be absolutely joking," Stacey hilariously replied.

"Imagine if there were clones of us," said Dani Dyer as she watched the episode, with her dad Danny adding: "That means there would be four of us. I don't think the world needs that, darling."

Richie Anderson also gave his thoughts on the universe, saying: "Space is the place to be, you know, it's gonna be the new Marbella."

Friday's instalment of Celebrity Gogglebox also saw the celebrity TV-watchers tune into the latest episode of Beat the Chasers, Outrageous Homes, Top of the Pops and The Nevermets.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs and streams on Channel 4.

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