John Bercow's calls for order earn plaudits across the globe as fans call him 'Monty Python-esque'

The Speaker’s signature style of maintaining “order” in the Commons has both impressed and bemused those watching the Brexit furore from outside of Britain.

John Bercow’s bellows to the House, a staple element of Brexit debates of late, have been described as “Monty Python-esque” and even “beautiful”.

A clip of the controversial figure captioned “Order! Order! Order!” was shared by German outlet Tagesschau, showing him yelling at unruly MPs.

It has been viewed thousands of times on Twitter, met with amusement by some and confusion by others.

One commented: “That's so funny. In German parliament, the president of the house would call a member to order with all respect. In traditional Britain it's just a barked ‘orrrdaaaa’.”

Another described the 55-year-old former Conservative’s demeanour as "hard, accurate, authentic and dangerous".

Canadian outlet, CBC News, posted Bercow calling people to order and asking for “zen, restraint, patience”.

They captioned it: “British Parliament's House Speaker is not to be trifled with."

The two news anchors laughed at a clip of him and one said: “I find him very entertaining.”

They then spoke of the “theatre of it all”.

John Bercow has been busy conducting business in the House of Commons (AFP/Getty Images)

One watcher wrote: “A bit of Monty Python, Mr Bean, On the Buses and Benny Hill all rolled into one.”

Some even called for Mr Bercow or someone of his ilk to be employed in the Canadian political system.

As well as social media being full of discussion of Mr Bercow, there have also been editorials about him in newspapers on the continent.

Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant wrote a profile on him and said: “No one on the British island can call ‘order, order’ more beautifully.”

They also dubbed him “louder, boisterous and, yes, more animal than ever”, the Guardian reports.

Belgian newspaper Le Soir called him “often unbearable but irreplaceable”.

On Reddit, one person described his role as "functionally the same as that of a secondary school teacher".

Mr Bercow has been the Commons speaker since June 2009 and it has been reported he will retire in 2019, after accusations of bullying involving him in Parliament surfaced in 2018.