John Cena Explains That Taylor Swift Post On His Instagram, But Is It Argylle Related?

 John Cena in Argylle.
John Cena in Argylle.

The marketing hook for Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming spy thriller Argylle asks, “Who is Agent Argylle?” There’s more than enough star power in the film’s cast to fuel speculation that THEY might be Agent Argylle. The trailer makes you think it’s Henry Cavill, but might that be designed to throw us off the true scent? At the same time, there is a novel titled Argylle that comes from a ghost writer… and somehow, some way, Taylor Swift fans latched onto the theory that she wrote the book.

Because obviously, Taylor Swift has so much free time in between touring the globe and attending NFL games, so writing a spy novel is easy enough. The rumor has fuelled months and months of online speculation, forcing Argylle director Matthew Vaughn to address the situation. And the gossip mongers got a fresh feeding of material when Argylle co-star John Cena posted an IG photo of Swift in a argyle dress, with no caption.

That has to mean something, right?

When we asked John Cena about the post during a recent Argylle press junket, though, he told CinemaBlend exclusively:

Yep. We fell for it. Hook, line, and sinker. John Cena admits that he places things on his social media accounts to lure people into the conversation. And then he asks us to “enjoy” the ride that comes with rampant speculation. And we did! Partly because we don’t fully understand all of the clues and references that point to Taylor Swift being the ghost writer of this existing Argylle book. And also because Cena knows that putting Swift on virtually anything is going to create chatter.

If director Matthew Vaughn gets his way, we’ll continue to have this Argylle chat for years to come. The filmmaker found different ways to expand his Kingsmen franchise, even going back in time to the earliest days of The Kings Man. And if his wishes are granted, he might find a way to continue adapting books in the Argylle series. Let’s just say, this will become clearer after you have been able to see Argylle for yourself beginning on February 2.

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