John Duff Reveals The Hilarious Story Behind His Naked Music Video

John Duff
John Duff

This will gag the straights... for sure.

John Duff is calling out queer-baiting artists who aren't actually part of the LGBTQ+ community in his new song "Somebody's Daughter."

In the new music video for the song, Duff acts like he's in a relationship with a woman, yet he's wearing thongs, sexy robes, and sings misogynistic lyrics in a comical way.

The goal for this single is to raise awareness on the similar tactics straight artists will use to gain attention for their music.

"I had been making songs that were explicitly gay and they were to my detriment, which is really hard to take when you're watching every other mainstream artist pretend to be gay. So I decided I was going to be straight from now on," Duff tells PRIDE.

Duff has faced criticism his entire career over being too gay, not appealing to the masses, and producing content only certain people will enjoy.

Although more queer themes are being accepted in music today, the streaming game is still keeping artists out of mainstream appeal.

"It's a tricky time to be releasing music. It's a scary time to take risks, which is why most artists today are just releasing the same songs over and over again. I got to a point where I might as well do whatever I want."

His music usually tackles provocative and liberating topics, but in the music video for "Somebody's Daughter," Duff ended up filming naked on accident.

"Two days before the shoot, the costume designer went MIA. We're naked because there was no clothing! We were winging it. The entire crew didn't know that we were going to be naked until we walked onto that set."

Tapping into his sexuality is certainly nothing Duff is afraid of. In fact, he says it's best for his career.

"Every time I've been in a music video that is fun, colorful, sexy, and naked, people like it. Every time I've tried to make a statement on the state of the world, no one watches it. I'm just feeding the beast!"

One message the singer hopes people will take away from his music is the fact that life is too precious and you just have to make the most of it.

"You got one short life. For me, I want to have fun and I want to live out the fantasy that I feel. I want to look the way I think I want to look. I want to have the sex that I want to have. It's all drag. You're born naked and the rest is drag!"

You can watch the music video for "Somebody's Daughter" here. To see the full interview with John Duff, check out the video below.

John Duff Reveals The Hilarious Story Behind His Naked Music Video