John Lydon says Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistols biopic is ‘most disrespectful s*** I’ve ever had to endure’


John Lydon has branded Danny Boyle’s forthcoming Sex Pistols biopic “the most disrespectful s*** I’ve ever had to endure”.

Filming begun last month on Pistol, a six-part miniseries starring Toby Wallace, Anson Boon, Louis Partridge, and Jacob Slater as the British punk band. Derry Girls’ Dylan Llewelyn and Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Thomas Brodie-Sangster are also among the cast.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, Lydon – known in the band as Johnny Rotten – shared his thoughts on recent images of the cast filming on set.

“I think that’s the most disrespectful s*** I’ve ever had to endure,” Lydon said. “I mean, they went to the point to hire an actor to play me but what’s the actor working on? Certainly not my character. It can’t go anywhere else [but court].”

The 65-year-old said that he was now seeking legal advice about taking the production team to court as he claimed that neither his consent nor participation was requested.

“Sorry, you think you can do this, like walk all over me — it isn’t going to happen,” he said. “Not without a huge, enormous f***ing fight. I’m Johnny, you know, and when you interfere with my business you’re going to get the bitter end of my business as a result.

“It’s a disgrace… If you put me in a corner like a rat, I’m going to go for your throat. I’m up against some corporations that just want to take over.”

A spokesperson for Pistol told The Sunday Times that Boyle had contacted Lydon via his management company about the project, but that direct contact was declined.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lydon revealed that he has become a full-time carer for his wife as she struggles with Alzheimer’s.

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