From John McCririck to Speidi: The top 10 worst 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestants of all time

Katie Archer
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    Patrick L
    Playing a little fast and loose with the term "celebrity"
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    How can you narrow it down to only 10?
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    Can not believe that this program is still on, and what IQ level do need to come down too watch it.
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    What I don’t like about the racism celebrity thing was when that happened they were calling the white celebrity white honkys! Some reason we can be called that and somehow that is fine!!!
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    the worst? all of it. every single second. this cavalcade of mediocrity should be wiped from the face of the earth, all these so-called slebs should be allowed in the house and have it locked, sealed and made air-tight, do us all a favour..
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    Moron's trash idiots can't add swear word for the 4th