John Stamos Shared An Adorable Throwback To Full House With The Olsen Twins And Cast, But It Was Jodie Sweetin's Response That Had Me In My Feels

 John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin.
John Stamos and Jodie Sweetin.

When you think of an ensemble of actors who are incredibly close, one of the first groups that probably comes to mind is the Full House cast. The ABC sitcom has been off the air for nearly 30 years now, but the actors still seem to be incredibly close. They show their love for each other in various ways – one of which is by sharing throwbacks to their time on the beloved sitcom. John Stamos, who famously played Uncle Jesse during all eight seasons, was the latest to drop a nostalgic post, and it featured everyone, including the Olsen twins. And while that was sweet enough, it was Jodie Sweetin’s response that really had me in my feels.

John Stamos has recently been promoting his new book, If You Would Have Told Me: A Memoir, which dives into a number of aspects of his life and career. As part of the campaign, he shared a video to his Instagram, which included vintage BTS footage from his days working on Full House (which can be streamed with a Max subscription). The clip, which is voiced over by Stamos, features sweet moments, from him and co-star Lori Loughlin with their faux twin sons to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen just looking all-around adorable. Take a look at the following post, and try not get at least a little emotional:

Don’t mind me, I've just got something in my eye. But in all seriousness though, this isn’t just a lovely portrait of the 60-year-old actor’s tenure on the show. It’s also a sweet representation of the bond amongst the various stars. I can’t think of a better tribute to this warm ensemble.

It was probably a given that other members of the cast were going to share thoughts. Joey Gladstone actor Dave Coulier chimed in with a sweet response, expressing his love for his found family and commending his co-star on his new book. But again, Jodie Sweetin’s comment really took the cake and probably aligned with the feelings that fans had when they saw the post:

Oh man… now I’m sitting here crying… I am so proud of you @johnstamos and being a part of this big family is one of the biggest gifts in my life. Love you Uncle J ❤️❤️

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John Stamos on Fuller House.
John Stamos on Fuller House.

Candace Cameron Bure, Kristin Chenoweth And More Reached Out To John Stamos After He Opened Up About Being Sexually Abused As A Child

How can you not love seeing so much affection shown between these stars? Collectively, the footage and the cast responses to it are bittersweet, especially considering that series star Bob Saget is no longer with us. John Stamos recently described Saget as “the glue” that held the cast together and, at this point, it’s starting to look like Stamos is succeeding him in that position.

Bob Saget is only one of the topics that John Stamos opens up about in his book, which is incredibly raw. Among the topics he discusses in it (as well as during interviews) are the sexual abuse he experienced at his babysitter’s hand and his battles with alcohol, which Fuller House helped save him from. As you can see based on their messages, Jodie Sweetin, Dave Coulier and more are totally supportive of him, and it makes my heart proud to see how these actors continue to lean on each other.

You can grab If You Would Have Told Me: A Memoir wherever books are sold. And if Max subscribers who want to check out Fuller House, know you’ll need a Netflix subscription to do it.