How Johnny Depp Celebrated After Wrapping His New Movie With Al Pacino

 Johnny Depp arriving to Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand on July 24, 2020 in London, England.
Johnny Depp arriving to Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand on July 24, 2020 in London, England.

Johnny Depp has been steadily reclaiming his place in Hollywood in the past year. More recently, the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean actor has just concluded his directorial venture, Modì, which featuring Hollywood legend Al Pacino. It was previously reported that Depp and Pacino's film began production in September and just wrapped this month. The 21 Jump Street veteran took a moment to honor his film family and celebrated the Budapest shoot's conclusion with a heartfelt social media post that captured the essence of their collective effort.

The Edward Scissorhands star expressed gratitude to the crew working tirelessly to bring Modì to life. In a candid snapshot shared on Instagram, the actor can be seen clapping, surrounded by the dedicated team contributing to the film's production. The 60-year-old actor's caption accompanying the photo offers a glimpse into his genuine appreciation for the collaborative spirit that fueled the project. He wrote:

To my dear ‘Modi’ film family, Köszönöm for all your exceptional efforts without which this film could not have been made. Please accept my eternal admiration, appreciation, respect and love, JD. X. [Budapest, 2023] - Photo by Leo Pinter

Modì marks the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cast alum’s second time in the director's chair since his 1997 directorial debut, The Brave, in which he starred alongside Marlon Brando in one of his final performances. Based on the post he's incredibly proud of the work he and his team did, and you can see his expression of joy in the post below:

Set to dive into the tumultuous life of Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani, Modì unfolds over a crucial 48-hour period set against the backdrop of war-torn Paris in 1916. The narrative paints a vivid picture of Modigliani's existence, as he navigates the chaotic streets, evading the pursuit of the police. Drawing inspiration from Dennis McIntyre's 1980 play, Modigliani: A Play in Three Acts, the film encapsulates the essence of the artist's journey, capturing the intensity of his experiences during a pivotal moment in history.

Johnny Depp's journey with the biopic is not just about his return to directing; it's a deeply personal exploration of the life of Modigliani, a story he describes as one of great hardship and eventual triumph. In a previous statement, the Ed Wood actor expressed his honor and humility in bringing Mr. Modigliani's saga to the screen, recognizing it as a universally human narrative that resonates with viewers profoundly.

The upcoming movie signifies the Oscar nominee's return to the director's chair as well as marking his second major film project following the conclusion of his defamation trial with ex-wife Amber Heard in June 2022.

The Sweeney Todd performer’s re-entry into the spotlight was evident in May when he graced the Cannes Film Festival with his presence. His French movie, Jeanne Du Barry, took center stage with a fancy premiere as the festival opener, showcasing Johnny Depp's enduring influence in the industry despite the post-trial film's interesting critical reaction.

As the actor concludes filming in Budapest, his journey as an actor-director comes full circle. For those eager to witness his latest acting endeavors, Jeanne du Barry is anticipated to join Netflix's movie schedule soon. However, if you're anticipating the reunion with his Donnie Brasco collaborator Al Pacino in Modì, know that the release date is currently unknown. Keep your eyes peeled for updates to find out of the production will join the 2024 movie release schedule.

For now, why not revisit Johnny Depp's legendary role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series? You can catch all the swashbuckling adventures by streaming them with a Disney+ subscription.