Jon Hamm Recounting Paul Feig ‘Yelling Sex Instructions’ On The Set Of Bridesmaids Is All Kinds Of Hilarious

 Jon Hamm driving a car in Bridesmaids.
Jon Hamm driving a car in Bridesmaids.

Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig’s on-screen relationship in the hit movie Bridesmaids left much to be desired within the narrative. However, for audiences, it generated some major laughs. Annie and Ted’s sex scene, in particular, added to the romp’s hilarious hijinks despite its awkwardness. Now, decade after the blockbuster comedy, Hamm has recounted director Paul Feig yelling sex instructions on the set, and this is all kinds of hilarious

The former co-stars reunited for Variety’s Actors on Actors during which they discussed their latest projects, and the 2011 film eventually came up. Having the man who played Don Draper star in the raunchy gross-out comedy was a major coup at the time. Kristen Wiig and John Hamm spoke on first meeting at SNL (with its famous naked quick changes). When Hamm hosted one time, she propositioned him to be in the film despite not having written his part yet.

From there, the pair talked about their on-screen kiss, which happened on the last day of shooting. The Mad Men star admitted feeling like a fish out of water since “everybody knew each other.” He recalled “everyone just wanted to leave” as he and Wiig goofed around during their sex scene. Wiig disagreed with the Mad Men star before they delved into how the awkward sex scene played out:

HAMM: I definitely felt the last-day energy. And we could not keep it together remotely. It was the dumbest.

WIIG: It was so fun because it was so loose: ‘What if we do this? What if we try this?’

HAMM: And Paul Feig yelling sex instructions. ‘Put her leg over your shoulder!’ ‘OK!’ We’re in naked bodysuits. Dumb and fun. And you and Annie [Mumolo] made one of the best comedies of all time. And you got nominated for an Oscar.

WIIG: And you’re in it. And you made it great. So thanks.

Actors always talk about how awkward filming intimate scenes can be, but this pair’s account sounds a bit more unconventional compared to some of those other stories. Imagine the director yelling out sex positions to the talent. A part of you definitely wants to laugh after hearing this, and another part simply wants to cringe.

As wild as it might sound, the scene was important for the story. The casual relationship between Annie and Ted catalyzed the former’s destructive behavior throughout Bridesmaids. The sex scene is a very memorable moment from one of the best women-led buddy comedies. Feig’s direction -- like the actors' performances -- was invaluable for the film, which is a major reason why it still works after a decade.

Since the comedic classic’s release, the cast has shared multiple behind-the-scenes stories from the set. The director himself even mentioned Bridesmaids’ famous bathroom scene could’ve been wilder. All the hard work, and those various antics, factored into the female-led R-rated comedy becoming a pop culture phenomenon, that grossed over $302 million worldwide and scored several award nominations, including two Academy Awards. So I salute Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig for being total champs and working through the scene for the eventual amusement of viewers.

As moviegoers wait for another romp from Kirsten Wiig and Jon Hamm, the pair have upcoming movie releases on the docket. After Mean Girls and Unfrosted, Hamm will be heard in Transformers One, which arrives in theaters on September 20. Wiig also lends her vocals to Despicable Me 4, which will open in cinemas on July 3.

Of course, if you're feeling nostalgic and want to relive the stars' hilarious sex scene, you can definitely stream that as well. Watch Bridesmaids by buying or renting it on Amazon Prime Video, and learn the film’s best one-liners in the process. Also, know that there are plenty of other R-rated comedies you can check out as well.