Jon Snow told to ditch bright colours when he started at Channel 4

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Veteran broadcaster Jon Snow says he ignored instructions not to wear bright colours when he first started at Channel 4 and wanted to make “a bit of a splash” while on air.

The 74 year-old news anchor, who is known for his colourful socks and ties, said he did not want to be “aggressively boring” when presenting the news.

He is due to step down from his role at the channel at the end of the year after 32 years at the helm, making him the longest-serving presenter in the programme’s history.

Edinburgh International Television Festival 2017
The Veteran broadcaster said he had wanted to make “a bit of a splash” while on air.

Speaking to the Radio Times Christmas Issue about his eye-catching accessories he said: “When I started, I was told not to wear bright colours and I just never took any notice.

“I love fabric, so I thought, “Why be aggressively boring when you can make a bit of a splash?”

“And the management discovered that people liked the bonkers ties.”

Snow added that he was beginning to show his age and wanted to avoid appearing “craggy” on air.

“I’m 74 and I’m beginning to show it,” he said.

“You don’t want to look craggy on air. So, it’s time I was assassinated.”

Snow’s career in journalism began at LBC in 1973 before he moved to ITN in 1976, where he served as Washington correspondent and diplomatic editor.

He then became the main presenter of Channel 4 News in 1989.

Asked if he remembered his first news bulletin, he said: “I remember thinking, “I’m here!” I thought it was the plum job in the business.

“I was thrilled, though probably not very good. But I got away with it and I must have been tolerable because they put up with me for so long.”

Despite stepping down Snow will continue to work at Channel 4 and “will front longer-form projects… and represent the channel in other matters”, the broadcaster said.

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