Jonathan Bennett Returns To Food Network & Says 'Halloween Is So Gay'

Jonathan Bennett
Jonathan Bennett

Halloween is around the corner... and so is October 3rd.

Jonathan Bennett has carved his own path in entertainment since his breakthrough role on Mean Girls as Aaron Samuels.

The actor made history twice by starring in Hallmark's first LGBTQ+ Christmas film back in 2020 and even played one of the lead characters in the network's first LGBTQ-centric holiday movie last year. So fetch.

Besides his lovable acting roles, the star is returning to his role as television host by putting on a new costume for the upcoming season of Halloween Wars.

Fans are very much looking forward to Bennett's return as Halloween Wars goes back to its roots for the 13th season.

"It's so exciting! I was off the show for a few years and this is my triumphant return. I'm coming back for season 13. That is even more exciting because it plays right into the spookiness of all of it. I [also] get to keep my scruff and wear a much cuter suit this time," Bennett tells PRIDE.

The new episodes will also see the pumpkin carvers return, along with classic challenges like cake decorating, sugar blowing, and some exciting surprises as well.

Plus, Bennett is grateful to bring LGBTQ+ representation back to Food Network in time for the holidays. After all, nobody loves Halloween more than the gays.

"Halloween is so gay. I think the gay community used Halloween as a way to hope and deal with so many things growing up. I'm excited to be back doing more queer representation for not only Halloween, but [also] on Food Network."

Thankfully fans don't have to wait until Halloween Wars to see Bennett back on Food Network.

The star is currently hosting the brand new series Battle of the Decades, which brings together chefs from generations young and old to create dishes inspired by past eras.

These teams are even tasked with using unconventional ingredients with materials that ruled back in the day, including the George Foreman grill, the Easy-Bake oven, and the Magic Bullet blender.

"I'm excited about Halloween Wars, but Battle of the Decades is this brand new show where we take an old school chef and a new school chef and we have them teamed up. It's really funny to see how old or how young you are! It'll spark a lot of conversations in living rooms across the country."

Battle of the Decades airs Wednesday nights and Halloween Wars returns September 17 on Food Network. To see the full interview with Jonathan Bennett (including an adorable cameo from hubby Jaymes Vaughan), check out the video below.

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